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Wall Decor & Home Accents
Jessica Ackerman : Master Bedroom Decorating

Master Bedroom Decorating: Ways to Make the Space Look and Feel Larger

By Jessica Ackerman

A master bedroom is typically the largest bedroom in a home, but unfortunately this does not always mean it is a large room. Sometimes a master bedroom is not much larger than the other bedrooms, and some lack the distinction a master bedroom really should have. There are ways to make a master bedroom look and feel larger, and with a few decorating tips and tricks it is possible to give a room the illusion of more square footage. Consider the following decorating tips to make a master bedroom look larger. No matter the size, it can look distinctive, stylish, and roomier than ever.

Wall Colors in a Small Room

When a master bedroom is small choose lighter colors when painting or papering the walls. Dark, bright, or bold colors will make the room appear smaller than ever, but lighter colors will open up the bedroom and it will appear larger than it actually is. If you want to make the entire bedroom appear larger from top to bottom, paint the walls and the ceiling the same light color. If the ceiling is low, paint the ceiling white to provide the illusion of height. Color matters, and paint is by far the least expensive way to add the illusion of square footage in a small master bedroom.

Add Color with Accessories

Just because a master bedroom is small does not mean it must be void of color to look more spacious. Add luxury and design with throw pillows of various shapes, sizes, and textures. A bed with several stylish throw pillows looks extravagant, and they will add color and visual interest to the room, especially when the color palette is limited.

In addition to throw pillows, invest in wall hangings for added color and artistic design in a small master bedroom. When shopping for wall hangings you will find options in all colors, styles, and price ranges. An eye-catching focal point on a single wall will draw attention away from the size of the room while making a dramatic impact. Consider choosing wall planters or metal wall decor and a large framed mirror. The mirror will naturally reflect light and help make the room appear larger, and the wall planters or wall decor will add richness and style.

Drapery Choices for a Small Room

Creating a continuous line around the master bedroom will help make the room appear larger than ever, and this can be accomplished by matching drapery to wall colors. For example, if the master bedroom is light pink, choose outer drapery that is the same shade of light pink, break up the monotony with white or cream colored sheers. The master bedroom will feel more expansive, and the window treatments will dress up the windows nicely.

If you want to draw the eyes upward, consider choosing wall pockets to display on both sides of the window. Metal wall pockets are available in many different styles, and they can be filled with a wide range of artificial flowers and foliage. A light pink master bedroom with light pink drapery and white sheers would look stunning when highlighted with wall pockets containing trailing green ivy, miniature pink carnations of varying heights, and white baby's breath against a backdrop of lacy fern leaves. If pink is not your color of choice for the master bedroom, substitute that hue for another color. You will end up a beautiful display worthy of the cover of any home decor magazine.

Furniture Options

If side tables, nightstands, dressers, and chests of drawers are designed from heavy wood, give them a lighter appearance with ordinary mirrors. Place mirrors cut to size on top of these pieces instead of protective runners and doilies. They will add brightness and sparkle to the master bedroom. The mirrors will reflect light from above and make the entire space feel lighter and brighter than ever. They will also add character and complexity to the master bedroom while making it feel more open and airy. A master bedroom of any size will appear larger and very impressive. •

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