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Jessica Ackerman : Sweet Valentine's Day Daily Sentiments

Sweet Valentine's Day Daily Sentiments

By Jessica Ackerman

Valentine Sentiment Idea ExampleAlthough Valentine's Day gifts are always appreciated, it's also nice to let those you care about know how you feel all year long. This year, instead of just giving your special someone a simple card, give them a whole collection of daily sentiments, one for each day of the year. The recipient will be touched that you spent so much time creating such a special gift, just for them.

Planning Your Sentiments

You should start on this gift well in advance of Valentine's Day, so that you have plenty of time to think up 365 separate sentiments. If you are creating a Valentine's Day present for your spouse or partner, romantic or sentimental notes can be nice. However, you can also make this gift for a child or a friend, simply by using appropriately chosen daily notes. You can add encouraging thoughts, favorite memories, or even "coupons" for treats such as a backrub or a batch of cookies. Write your sentiments down as you think of them, using either a pad of paper or the word processing program on your computer. Once you've thought up all your sentiments, you'll be ready to start creating your gift.

Creating the Daily Sentiments

There are many different ways you can create your daily sentiment notes. If you've written your 365 notes using your word processing program, you could just print them directly onto paper. Align your document so that it will print in a landscape fashion, so that you will have more horizontal space for each individual sentiment. Format the document so that each sentiment is on a separate line. Once the entire document is properly formatted, you can print your notes onto colored printer paper or the back side of patterned scrapbook paper. Of course, you could also write your sentiments by hand, which would add a very personalized touch. Once you've got all 365 daily notes printed, use a paper cutter or a pair of scissors to cut them all into individualized strips. You can then fold each strip into a small square, or twist them individually around a toothpick or wooden skewer to make a small spiral shape. You could even get really creative, and use Origami techniques to fold each individual strip into a star or other shape.

Print Love Notelets[Or you can use Chris Dunmire's free printable Sweet Valentine's Day Love Notelets.]

Choosing a Gift Container

Once you've got all your daily sentiments written and folded, you'll need to find a container to package them in. A beautiful glass jar, an Oriental ginger jar, or even a decorative cardboard box can all work nicely. If you're giving the gift to a child, a fun plastic container would work well. If you printed your daily sentiments on pretty paper, a clear container will display them to their best advantage. Once you've added the daily sentiments to the container, you can add a decorative touch with ribbons or other adornments. You could also create a handmade Valentine's Day card to give along with your gift. Whoever you give this gift to will think of you every single day during the year when they read one of your thoughtful sentiments. •

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