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Christmas Pebble Pendant
Maria Chatzi : Christmas Pebble Pendant

Holiday Jewelry Craft Project

Christmas Pebble Pendant

By Maria Chatzi

Christmas Pebble Pendant This project shows you how to make a painted Christmas pebble pendant — an easy jewelry craft for teens and adults. You'll need a flat and smooth beach pebble, a small piece of satin ribbon, a round and thick leather cord, paint, and varnish.

Level of difficulty: Easy
Age: Teens & Adults


  • a flat and smooth beach pebble about 1.5 inches long and 0.78-0.80 inches wide, color: very dark green (OR dark grey OR black). It should have a hole drilled on the upper part, near the edge.
  • a small piece of satin ribbon, length: 1.5 inches and width: 0.78 inches, color: red
  • a painting brush for art, bristle size: 0
  • acrylic paint, color: silver
  • acrylic paint, color: red
  • acrylic paint, color: metallic green (OR, alternatively, green glitter glue)
  • protective varnish
  • a round and thick leather cord (to hang your pendant), color: black, with a clasp attached to it


1 Soak your pebble in warm water with dish-washing soap. Rinse thoroughly and dry it with a towel.

Photo 1: Paint a silver holly leaf.

2 After you’ve cleaned your pebble well, paint a silver holly leaf on its front side. You needn’t have a great talent in painting for this project — just draw the outline of the leaf and fill it in with the silver paint. Wait till the paint has dried (see fig 1).

Photo 2: Paint a smaller green leaf.

3 For the next step, take your metallic green color and paint a smaller green holly leaf onto the silver one — make sure you leave a wide silver line all around the green leaf. Wait till it’s completely dry (see fig 2).

4 To continue, make three dots at the bottom of the silver leaf, using your red paint — joining the three red dots mentally, should form a triangle. Again, wait for the paint to dry completely (see fig 2 again).

5 Apply protective varnish evenly to the whole surface of your Christmas pendant. Wait at least for a whole day till the varnish has hardened.

Photo 3: Tie pendant onto leather cord.

6 Finally, tie your pendant with the red satin ribbon onto your round leather cord (see fig 3) and your Christmas pendant is ready for you to wear or offer as a Christmas gift to a special friend or family member (see fig 4).

Photo 4: Finished pendant Christmas gift.

Tip I’ve used green glitter glue instead of metallic green paint, but it is much more difficult to apply glitter glue evenly than paint. If you have no previous experience in using glitter glue for painting and jewelry making, I would advise you to use metallic green paint so your project won’t be ruined. •

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Updated 1/21/14