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Aging Techniques for Mixed Media & Collage by Tatiana Kuzyk
Aging Techniques for Mixed Media & Collage : Page 2 of 7

Simple Aging Techniques for Mixed Media & Collage

Initial Altering Techniques

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Burning of the Edges

Picture 5

I love using candle lighter to burn edges of various paper elements I work with. Not only does it provide a very genuine antiquated look when the burns meander in an irregular pattern, but also there are physical alterations to the material that are elements' (fire) induced. I burn the paper inside my kitchen sink with the water running and I try to put down those small flames with water and have an extra benefit of water marks on the paper. Always use caution when working with candle lighter, burn at your own risk!

Picture 6

Notice the antiquated look of the paper's burned edges in the above photograph. Those burn marks seem to whisper the details of a long and arduous journey the artifact must had traveled while being exposed to the harsh treatment of the elements. Another point to observe is the 'subtracting' method used to alter the elements.

Wrinkle & Tear

Picture 7

Picture 8

Just as time is not kind to a genuine antique, so we, as altered art creators, must emulate this chronological necessity in order to preserve the credibility of our artwork. I like to tear out various size pieces of paper and then wrinkle it a bit before attaching them permanently to the surface.

Picture 9

Sometimes I will make sure that few torn out pieces will be 'missing' forever and incorporate only selected elements in my artwork. If you'd like to experiment with this fun strategy, try to create an impression of 'putting all the pieces together' in your collage, that way the places with 'the missing pieces' will create a nice focal point in your design. Also, you will add, yet another, 'genuine antique feel' to the entire artwork. Here again, we can easily identify 'subtracting' of elements in the instances of 'losing' selected pieces of the composition.

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