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Shredded Background
Adventures In Mixed Media Textures : Page 3 of 3

Adventures In Mixed Media Textures

Technique 2: Shredded Background

continued from page 2


  • 9x12'' canvas board, canvas, cardboard or size of your choice
  • 20-30 colorful pages from a magazine or catalog
  • Paper shredder
  • Golden Soft Gel Semi-Gloss (can be easily substituted with Heavy Gel Gloss/Semi-Gloss)
  • Golden Liquid Acrylics Interference Oxide Red, Micaceous Iron Oxide, Iridescent Bright Gold (Fine) paints — or your choice of colors
  • Palette knife

Step 1

Step 1

Mix Golden Soft Gel Semi Gloss with Golden Liquid Acrylics Interference Oxide Red, Micaceous Iron Oxide and Iridescent Gold using your palette knife. Next, apply the mixture across the entire surface of your canvas board, ideally this layer should be about 1/8'' thick. Once finished, spread the shredded paper generously over the entire canvas, gently applying pressure to the shredded pieces with your hands.

Step 1

Step 1

Step 2

Using the leftover gel-paint mixture begin to flatten the surface with your palette knife. At last, leave your artwork to dry overnight or longer if necessary. The layers of gel underneath the paper will require more time to dry.

Step 2

That's it. Your background is finished and now it's up to you to take it on the creative journey from this point on. To give you some additional inspiration, let me share with you what I've done with my mixed media piece:

Stencil to Shape Letters

1. I used a stencil to shape upper case letters R, E, and D from Golden Fiber Paste.


2. I cut out of a magazine lower case letters: 's' and 'h' and glued them with Soft Gel Semi Gloss in front of the previous letters to the surface.

Cut Out Lower-Case Letters

3. I painted the letters R,E,D with a mixture of Golden Self-Leveling Clear Gel and Golden Liquid Acrylics Naphthol Red Medium, and Micaceous Iron Oxide paint.

Paint RED Red

4. Lastly, I mixed Golden Tar Gel with Golden Liquid Acrylics Cobalt Teal and Interference Blue (Fine) and splattered it onto the surface with a palette knife.

Prepping Blue Paint

Painting with Blue Paint

Here's the finished mixed media artwork:

Finished Mixed-Media Piece

Mixed Media On Canvas Board, 9x12
Tatiana Kuzyk

© 2009 Tatiana Kuzyk. All rights reserved.

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