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You Can Draw Cartoony Things! A Printable Creative Playbook by Chris Dunmire
Arts & Crafts : Learn How to Draw Cartoons

Learn how to draw a cartoony teacup further down this page...Cartooning: Learn How to Draw Fun & Funny Stuff

Comic and cartoon drawing incorporates fine art drawing techniques with caricature and often a sense of humor (editorial or otherwise). Learn how to hone your cartooning skills and find out what it takes to become a successful comic artist from our collection of cartooning resources. Plus, are you itching to try cartooning yourself? This page is full all sorts of places where you can find free cartooning lessons. Be cartooningly creative!

You Can Draw Cartoony Things!

Don't Be a Chicken: Learn How to Draw One Instead!
Learn how to draw a cartoony chicken from Chris Dunmire's
printable creative playbook You Can Draw Cartoony Things!
To download and print the lesson, click on the
"Free Sample Lesson" link.

Free Cartooning Lessons on Creativity Portal

Easy Tree!

Jeff Scarterfield's 'How to Draw Creative Cartoons' Series
Jeff Scarterfield offers free step-by-step drawing lessons, aimed at making the learning process both simple and fun for people of all ages. Read his series of inspiring how-to articles to learn the fundamentals!

Joy Sikorski's Free Online Drawing Lessons
It's not that hard to learn how to draw! Let Joy Sikorski show you how through simple drawing lessons from her books: Squeaky Chalk and How to Draw a Clam.

More How-to Cartooning Websources

Chris Dunmire's FUN Cartoony Drawing Lessons
If you're new to the world of drawing, using a simple cartoon-style approach of rendering is one way to teach yourself how to draw. These fun drawing lessons focus on using line, shape, and other easy techniques to understand object structure and proportion.

Joy Sikorski's Official Web Site
An extensive index of fun and easy drawing (and coloring) lessons from her books available online for a bat, bird, Popsicle, border collie pup, bow and a bug, bubbles, bunny, and many more.

How to Draw Cartoons Online
Learning how to draw has never been so fun and easy! Improve your technique in record time with simple step by step cartoon drawing lessons by Jeff Scarterfield.

Caricature Zone
A fun place to stretch your creativity by creating online caricatures of famous people and more! Site features a caricature generator, transformator, flip flops, machine, and games.

The Draw Squad
A site based on the book by Mark Kistler featuring online drawing lessons. Learn the seven keywords of drawing and concepts that will help you to draw in 3D.

How to Toon Blog Site
Features free video demos to learn how to draw an assortment of cartoon characters including a gorilla, bear, parrot, pig, cowboy, cat, lizard, pencil, Anime/Manga, seal, sheriff, and more.

Mark Kistler's Imagination Station
Expand your imagination and learn to draw in 3D! Features over two dozen detailed step-by-step drawing lessons featuring Mark Kistler's unique animal and people characters. Dinosaurs, ducks, pandas, spaceships, robots, and space stuff.

Vantoons Cartooning Lessons
Based on the books of John VanDenEykel, Simply Cartooning and Cartooning Action Heroes, his Web site features sample lessons for drawing cartoons that "employ the most fundamental elements of drawing, the basic geometric shapes."

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