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Stephanie Rose Bird
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Interview with Stephanie Rose Bird

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Q: What is the difference between a sacred tool you have created or charged yourself, versus one bought in a shop or online? What is the power of creativity or art when added to spiritual work?

A: The sacred tool you create and charge yourself is going to have all kinds of personal power from the individual creator, however you can do things to charge your tool that you bought online or at a shop, like anointing it with oils or burying something like a crystal or stone in a ritualistic manner, following historic practices, then digging it up and feeling if it is charged. I give directions for charging store bought and found tools in my books.

Q: In your opinion, what is the difference between art and craft? What is the place of both art and craft in your spiritual practice? Some folks denigrate handcrafts, but yet as I work more and more deeply with the methods in your books I find the dividing line between art and craft grows thin.

A: Wow! That's a big, age-old debate...the different between arts and crafts. I believe fine art and finely crafted items are one and the same. It's all about intent and the gift of genuine creativity. I am a long time practicing artist but I don't hesitate to incorporate different media from what is traditionally called craft, into what I do.

Q: Your books have some wonderful recipes for healing, or "soul" foods. There's also an emphasis on traditional foods used to celebrate specific holidays or special occasions. Are there foods or beverages thought to be especially inspiring? What types of foods or drinks (if any) are used in other cultures' rituals/traditions to enhance or celebrate creativity?

A: Beans are a very magickal food cross-culturally. Beans hold hope and provide inspiration as well as healthy nourishment. They also make powerful amulets and wonderfully, earthy necklaces and bracelets.

Q: Are there any animal totems or nature spirit guides associated mainly with artists, writers, or creativity?

A: That's such a fascinating question. I belong to a women's group that is a Dream Circle, and we all picked an animal card to aid our dream work. My animal is Blue Heron for this year and our group animal is Whale. We have been investigating our animal's potential for the past six months, as well as our group animal. We've learned a lot about our individual animal and our group animal from Ted Andrew's Animal Speak. That is a wonderful book that I recommend for those who want to learn more about animal magick. I've always felt attracted to bear energy and believe that my totem is bear. One Hindu deity that is intimately connected to artists, writers and creative practice is the elephant-like, Ganesh.

Q: What are some of your new projects you'd like to share with our readers?

A: I am developing an oracle deck using ancient African symbols. This is exciting because it combines my love of painting and drawing with my knowledge and research into mysticism and magick.

Q: Would you like to share any final words of inspiration or advice with our readers today?

A: Try to incorporate spiritual practices into your everyday life. It doesn't have to be anything big. Little gestures have the potential to constantly remind you to stay connected to spirit. This may involve keeping spiritual statuary near you, chimes, so you can be in contact with the element of air; stones, so you can have contact with ancient earth wisdom; or oil, so you can be close to plant wisdom and green energy. •

Stephanie Rose Bird Connect with Stephanie Rose Bird
Stephanie Rose Bird is the author of five books and is a member of the American Botanical Council's Herb Research Society, the International Center for Traditional Childbearing, and the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy.

Learn more about Stephanie, her books, and upcoming events at

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