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Kindness: A kinder world, one thought at a time.
Home : A Kinder World, One Thought at a Time

Intentional Acts of Kindness

A kinder world, one thought at a time.

Kindness is a gift we can share with everone.Who has the power to make this a kinder world? You do! All it takes is for one person to 'plant an act of kindness' and it has the potential to grow and spread for everyone's benefit.

Creativity Portal's Kindness section has been visited by people worldwide seeking information about kindness and tools they can use to spread more kindness around in the world. We invite you to download some of our free printables below and visit other kindness Web sites so we can all participate in intentional acts of kindness and make life a little brighter for everyone.

Kindness Pass-Along Gift Cards

Kindness Gift CardsCreativity Portal's Chris Dunmire has invented one fun way to inspire more kind acts to continue from person to person through these printable Kindness Pass-Along Gift Cards. These cards are free for you to download, print, and use to spread more kindness in your home, office, school, or community.

Card designs include: Random Acts, Free Beverage, and Christmas Beverage Holiday Cheer. Download the cards in sheets of 10 from our Kindness Pass-Along Cards page now.

More Kindness Features

Kindness Printables
Download from our selection of free greeting cards, postcards, bookmarks, and gift tags to inspire more kindness in your life.

Kindness Quotes
Quotes to inspire kinder living and the value of being kind to others.

More Kindness Web Sites
Links to other Web sites and resources on the Web promoting random and intentional acts of kindness to make this a better world for all of us.

Updated 1/12/14