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An Awakened Life
Julie Hoyle : Serving the Light

Serving the Light

An Excerpt from An Awakened Life
by Julie Hoyle

Immersed in the grace of an expanded perspective toward all aspects of my life, I began to be filled with a growing desire to offer selfless service. My heart was overflowing with gratitude in the knowledge that I had been blessed by something profound and mysterious.

As a natural consequence, I wanted to give back in any way I could. Each time I attended the meditation center I found myself volunteering: bringing flowers, cleaning the hall, taking care of the bookstore or helping organize meditation sessions.

During programs, I readily agreed to read the teachings of the Meditation Master as well as the words of poet Saints, Mystics and Masters of other faiths and traditions. In addition, I was asked to continue offering experience shares on a regular basis, which I was uncharacteristically happy to do.

The desire to serve also extended beyond the four walls of the meditation hall. I found myself becoming more open to people and relaxed within myself. Habitual moods of discontent fell away and I found I could tap into a current of peace no matter where I was or whom I was with.

At work, I became acutely sensitive to the needs of my students. I could intuit unspoken frustrations and self-doubt in the same way I would ordinarily hear my own thoughts. And I was able to find ways of helping them identify resistances and transform ingrained patterns of thinking.

Working below ordinary levels of consciousness, I saw a remarkable change in the quality of student work. Their projects began to literally shine with the radiance of newfound insight and confidence.

Observing how powerfully spiritual awakening was affecting my world, I committed to an intention to make meditation, contemplation and selfless service integral to my life. It quickly became obvious, the more I did the inner work and gave selflessly, the more light shone into and through my outer world.

The dream world became even more illumined. There were remarkable visitation experiences with Masters from the yogic tradition along with Teachers from other faiths.

Although at the time I knew nothing of Buddhism, the Dalai Lama began to appear, laughingly giving teachings and once telling me, “They have made it so that you can do anything you want to do in this life.”

There were extraordinary, light filled experiences with Mother Mary, Jesus and Christian Saints. Teachers from Tibetan, Native American and South American Shamanic paths, also appeared on different occasions to give ‘Crow,’ ‘Fire’ and ‘Turning of the Heart’ initiations. They taught how to heal the psyche and emotions, in myself and for others, in processes they defined as: ‘Soul retrieval and energy empowerment.’

I would often wake to find people who had made their transition, standing at the foot of the bed. Letting them know I could see them I would call out, “If you are of God you are welcome. If not leave now!” If they remained, I would go on to inquire, “What is your name? Are you aware that you have died? How can I help you?”

One night, three young children came to visit. Gently asking, “What happened to you?” one of them replied, “We were in a fire.”

Understanding their fear of light, I softly told them, “Your loved ones are waiting for you. They will help you. If you see light go toward it. Don’t worry, it won’t burn, it’s not hot; it’s cool and feels good.”

With that, I repeated the Lord’s Prayer until a vibrant shaft of light poured down, flooding the corner of the room. Encouraging the children to go toward it, they edged closer until; lifted into the radiance they disappeared. As they left, I heard their little voices whispering, “Thank you. Bye, bye, bye.’

Eighteen months later, a new member of the janitorial team arrived at my school assigned to clean the art room. Carole and I developed a friendly relationship and I felt a connection with her that was oddly indefinable.

One day, she arrived visibly upset. After asking her what was wrong, Carole bluntly stated, “The principal is threatening to report me for taking too many sick days. It doesn’t matter what she says or threatens to do. The worst has already happened to me. I lost my three children in a fire almost two years ago. Nothing is worse than that. Nothing even comes close.”

Turning cold and plummeting into silence, I suddenly understood why I had felt such a bond with her. In that moment, I knew her children were the ones who had come to me.

Though my heart went out to Carole, knowing she had a fundamental Baptist faith and unsure what her response would be, I chose not to disclose my experience. A few days later, she was transferred and I never saw her again.

However, the understanding that I could have eased her heartache remained with me. Afterward, I promised myself I would share experiences if it felt like the right time, by choosing words that were accessible. After that, the promise was put to the test again and again in a number of unusual ways. •

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© 2012 Julie Hoyle. All rights reserved.

Julie Hoyle Julie is a writer, spiritual teacher, natural intuitive and trans-personal hypnotherapist. Her profound spiritual awakening is detailed in her eBook, An Awakened Life — A Journey of Transformation. More »

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