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Punny Costumes eBook by Bonnie Neubauer
Bonnie Neubauer : Punny Costumes Halloween Contest Winners

Bonnie Neubauer's

Punny Costumes Halloween Contest Winner's List

& Free Costume Ideas!

We thought it would be FUN to offer readers a chance to have some Halloween PUN, so we partnered with Bonnie Neubauer, author of the eBook Punny Costumes, and came up with a contest to tickle your creativity. The contest officially ended October 22, 2010, but you can see how we inspired this PUN FUN along with the winner's list below.

WARNING! Creativity Portal disclaims any and all responsibility for your forthcoming groans or any "poor taste" judgments on behalf of the following humorous ideas, concepts, and bad puns, should you choose to keep reading. You've been warned.

To limber up brains for this contest, we recommended watching this short Punny Costume Guessing Game video. Can you guess all ten word play costumes? They are all from the Punny Costumes book to help you get a good feel for what comprises a punny costume.

Punny Examples

A PUN is a play on words, either on different senses of the same word or on the similar sense or sound of different words. Here are a couple examples of how to turn words and expressions into Punny Costumes.

PIRATES (Pi — as in 3.14; Ritz — as in the crackers). Take a box of Ritz and attach it to your shirt (using Velcro) and then have your friend write the symbol for Pi on his shirt. Wear an eye patch or carry a sword and when you stand next to each other, you will be PIRATES.

GREEN WITH ENVY (Green with NV). Dress head-to-toe in green and then put the letters NV on your shirt.

Punny Costumes eBook by Bonnie Neubauer

FREE Costume Ideas & Downloads! Enjoy the following sample costume ideas from Bonnie Neubauer's Punny Costumes eBook.

Front Money Punny Costume Idea

Front Money Punny Costume: Attach play money (or real money if you can spare it) to the front (and only the front) of your outfit.

Roll X Punny Costume Idea

Roll X (Rolex) Punny Costume: Print and cut out this image and either wear it on your wrist or attach it to your shirt and you can go as a ROLEX (roll with an X over it) to your next Halloween Party. Print full-size Roll X page.

Overs Punny Costume Idea

Left Overs Punny Costume: Print and cut out 3 of these pages that have the word OVERS repeated over and over. Attach all the words to the LEFT side (front and back of the left side) of your clothing and you will be dressed as LEFT OVERS. Print full-size Overs page.

Raisins Punny Costume Idea

Raising Cain Punny Costume: This is a good costume if you are a cane user. The Punny Costumes eBook includes costumes for wheelchair, walker, and cane users! Print and cut out this page of raisin boxes and affix them to your cane. Your costume? RAISING CAIN! Print full-size Raisins page.

Punny Costume's Winner's List

Thank you Bonnie Neubauer for facilitating this PUNNY Costumes contest, and to everyone else for your interest and participation!

Bonnie judged this contest n her own and submitted the following winner information and their PUNNY ideas for your enjoyment:

And the winners are... Drumroll, please...

First. the 3 runners up...

Who will each get their very own handheld Story Spinner......

Stephanie "Sam" Fleetman from PA for her entry TEMP: Wear a white t-shirt and write a large 98.6 on it and you are a TEMP.

Shannon Holand from BC, Canada for her entry WATCHDOG (a punny costume for a dog!): Wrap a wide belt (or fabric) around your dog's belly for a watch strap and then velcro a light-weight wall clock to the belt on the dog's back.

Michele Janorschke from MO for her entry HANNAH MONTANA: Print off the outline of the state of Montana and wear it on your shirt. Add a star to the state and label the star, Hannah.

And the grand prize winner...

Who will receive the Write-Brain Workbook, Take Ten for Writers, and a handheld Story Spinner is...

Another drum roll, please...

Jeff Kamen from TX for his entry BIPOLAR: Use 2 light-weight poles or 2 rolls of silver wrapping paper and slide them up your sleeves. Cut a hole in each shoulder so that the poles stick straight up. To hold the poles in place, use large rubber bands around your biceps.

© 2010 Bonnie Neubauer. All rights reserved.

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