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The Write-Brain Workbook Writing Exercises by Bonnie Neubauer
Authors : Bonnie Neubauer

Bonnie Neubauer's Write-Brain Puns and Writing Prompts

Bonnie NeubauerBonnie Neubauer is the author of Write-Brain Workbook and Take Ten for Writers, both published by Writer's Digest, and the creator of Story Spinner, an online/handheld creative writing prompt generator.

Bonnie has also written an eBook, Punny Costumes. She is currently involved in, a project where decorated rocks are hidden with the intention of bringing joy to those who find them.

By day she is a freelance writer, cognitive skills trainer, and marketing consultant. She lives in suburban Philadelphia with her husband and two famous cats. In her spare time Bonnie invents board games. You can reach her through her website

Writing Fun with Bonnie Neubauer

Take Ten for Writers: 10 Free Printable Exercises
By Bonnie Neubauer
A creative and quirky assortment of 10 creative writing exercises from Take Ten for Writers: 1,000 Inspiring Exercises.

The Write-Brain Workbook: 10 Free Printable Exercises
By Bonnie Neubauer
A stimulating assortment of 10 delightfully pun creative writing prompts from The Write Brain Workbook: 366 Exercises to Liberate Your Writing.

Creativity Portal's 20 Questions Interview
By Bonnie Neubauer
My life mission is to make my inner smile external in others through edutainment.

2010 Punny Halloween Costumes Contest
By Bonnie Neubauer
Learn more about the ebook that inspired this zany PUN FUN along a sampling of costumes that will surely make you groan.