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Human Growth
This We Know : Right This Minute

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Right This Minute

By Tom Evans

The annual net human population growth on the planet is over 70 million per year.

It will take an average reader about a minute to take in one of these purposely short ‘chapters’. Perhaps it will take a little longer to ponder their significance.

So, as you read this, approximately 250 new human mouths will be born and require feeding. Around the same time, just over 100 human mouths will cease to move and will return from where ever they think they came from.

You will notice the difference between these two numbers. A little more digging reveals this disparity is greater in areas on the planet where there is less ability to feed these mouths.

Each new batch of 250 mouths are blissfully unaware of this. They don’t even gain any degree of awareness of self for two to three years. By the time they get to age seven, most of them will realise that they are not necessarily the centre of the Universe.

At the other end of the age spectrum, many of those mouths who are checking out also lose their sense of self nowadays. Old age dementia is on the rise with the increase of life span. It has the beneficial side effect of taking the fear out of death.

It is perhaps somewhat ironic that some people check in and out of the planet with no hair, no teeth and an inability to feed themselves.

For many, the increased costs of caring for those that are living longer is wiping out money and assets amassed in their Living Years. This means, for many mouths, they come in with no money and leave with none too.

Things have a way of evening out over time. Nothing real can be destroyed and nothing unreal can persist.

Right at this minute, this is what’s occurring. •

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