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We are here
Bending Space and Time : This We Know Series Introduction

This We Know

Series Introduction

By Tom Evans

This We Know is a short book available in print and for e-readers that was written and published in just two weeks. It asks questions about what we think we know and what we could know. It is a clarion call for us all to ‘think’ a new world of our own making into existence.

Creativity Portal are proud and honored to be the first Web site to syndicate and serialise it.

 This We Know
What ever befalls the Earth,
befalls the Daughters and Sons of the Earth.
Times They Are Certainly a Changin’.
Humans did not weave the Rich Web of Life,
they are merely a Strand on It.
All we need is Love
and Money can’t buy it for You.
All Things are Connected.
This We Know.
Inspired by Chief Seattle and other luminaries

Our Sun orbits the centre of our galaxy every 220,000 years. It has now completed about 25 orbits. We can think of these as cosmic years from the Sun’s perspective. It probably has another 25 of its ‘years’ to go before it dies.

There are currently around 7 billion human mouths on Planet Earth that would like to be fed.

Humanity on this blue-green jewel of the cosmos represents just a small fraction of the living biomass.

Planet Earth houses an amazing, bizarre and bewildering array of other life forms. Some remain rooted to the earth. Some can fly. Many can swim. Some never see the light of day.

All can replicate and evolve as they do. All rely on each other in what is known as the Food Chain.

The 7 billion or so human mouths though are a little different. Their main difference is their ability to share their self awareness through speech, to varying degrees. They also possess an appetite not just for food and an insatiable desire to ask questions.

Some questions that they ask remain unanswered.

Questions like “Why are we here?”

And “What’s the point?”

The very asking of some of these questions have led to an incredible understanding of their place in the cosmos.

They know they revolve around a star they call the Sun. They believe the distance from their home star is perfect for life-as-they-know-it.

They believe they live in the Goldilocks Zone. Not too hot, not too cold.

They now know that their home star is one of hundreds of billion stars in their galaxy. They have recently found out that many other stars also have planets too. What’s more, they know their galaxy is just one of a billion or more galaxies.

Despite knowing all of this, many of the 7 billion mouths feel incredibly alone.

This they know. •

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