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Create Your Own Dream Collage
Emelisa Mudle : Experience Yourself Through Creative Collage

Experiencing Your Authentic Self through Creative Collage

By Emelisa Mudle

Create Your Own Dream Collage

Creative dream collage is about exploring your wants, needs, and desires, and expressing them through pictures and words from magazines. Creativity is a gentle way of exploring you inner world and coming face-to-face with your authentic self.

So many of us walk around in a bubble living a life that could be so much more than what it is. Are you waiting for your night in shining armour? Are you waiting for someone to recognise your talents? Did you possibly have a tough childhood which left you with thoughts that you are going to be rescued by someone because you're owed this? Maybe someone will save you and maybe not. The question is: what is it you love and how do you go about manifesting it?

List Your Passions

Create a passion list. Start by writing down anything you think you're good at. For example, you could write about:

  • Communicating
  • Creating a safe place
  • Delegating

After you have done this I want you to write down a list of what makes you passionate, what makes your heart sing. Sometimes you will find that your "good at list" and "heart sings list" can coincide with each other — this is great because it means that you are already doing some of the things you are passionate about.

Now that you have your list, are you doing what makes your heart sing or are you doing just what you're good at? Your mind is possibly racing to a 100 different places thinking "I could never do what makes my heart sing — there is no money in it." or "I would love to work with people in a hands-on caring way but I work as an accountant.", or "How can I make changes at 42?" and the list, as I am sure you know, is endless.

The reality is that you have to start somewhere, and as they say, it starts from one little seed. So focus on something that makes your heart sing and start making some changes to your life.

Create Your Dream Collage

Collaging Your PassionsLook at your list and then look through some magazines and rip out anything that you feel drawn to. When you feel you have enough pictures and words, start creating your beautiful dream collage.

One of the beautiful keys to manifesting and unlocking the door to your real dream potential is to not only visualise it but feel it, see it, smell it, sense it, taste it, and hear it. Using all these senses helps you to manifest your dreams.

When your dream collage is finished, sit back and look at what the story is telling you. Is it positive, beautiful? Are you surprised? Does it make you smile? What you have just done is sent out a message saying, "This is my dream — this is what I want."

Now the key is to focus on your picture each day. Keep it where you can see and remember the feelings you experienced when you created it. Keep saying "Yes!" to what it is you want and let go of the "how," and be open to the signs that come your way. •

© 2006 Emelisa Mudle

Emelisa Mudle is an Australian Artist and Creative Workshop Facilitator. She has worked internationally running workshops in health retreats as well as various other venues. More »