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Heart Art by Emelisa Mudle
Authors : Emelisa Mudle

In My Dreams
"In My Dreams"
Emelisa Mudle
Acrylic on canvas
80 x 100 cm

Heart Art by Emelisa Mudle

Emelisa Mudle is an artist and a workshop facilitator in Australia. She runs workshops on assisting women to get in touch with their unconscious thoughts and intuitive feelings through a focus on mask making, mandalas, painting and creative journaling.

Read some of Emelisa's creatively inspiring articles and projects below, and learn more about her workshops and art by visiting her Web site and online gallery at

Creativity & Projects by Emelisa Mudle

Experiencing Yourself Through Creative Collage
By Emelisa Mudle
Creative collage mapping is about exploring your wants, needs, and desires, and expressing them through pictures and words from magazines.

Mandalas: A Gentle Reflection
By Emelisa Mudle
Mandalas have been a beautiful, gentle way for people to get in touch with their subconscious and gain more clarity into what is happening within. Here's guidance on how to make your own mandalas.

Heart Art "A journey into self"
By Emelisa Mudle
Ever been in a situation where fears rule your life, where you know there is something better, or at least a better way to be?

Creativity isn't just about art — it's about healing
By Emelisa Mudle
How writing, painting, mandala and mask making can be used as a process to express creativity, an avenue to self-exploration, and a vehicle towards personal healing.

Feelings: We all have them.
By Emelisa Mudle
Feelings are a beautiful part of who we are yet we spend so much time doing what we can to avoid them.