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Brenda Johima : BoobArt for Breast Cancer

BoobArt for Breast Cancer

Creativity takes Guts and Creativity takes Courage.

By Brenda Johima

I have been told by some, "don't put your BoobArt online, it will ruin your business." I have been told by some to "especially don't talk about your BoobArt or show your BoobArt, with Creativity in Business."

Well, I already have the BoobArt on my Brenda Johima Fine FUN Artist Blog and on my Creativity Blog afterall, I am a Creativity Coach who happens to be in business, walking the talk of creativity. So, why not?

I am an artist, and an advocate for the arts.

My business "IS" creativity and by modelling the guts, determination and the courage to put who you are out there into the world, others are inspired and given permission to do so also.

For many years I worked as a Music Therapist and Counsellor, working with all kinds of people, in the healing arts, and in assisting others to move through crisis, and to make positive changes in their lives, to recover from grief, trauma, addiction, abuse and "dysfunctional families." Through that work, I was always applauded for my honesty, for speaking my truth always.

Somehow something happened when I went into "business." I changed. I became serious. I was told by some, that "in business you cannot tell the truth all the time." And, "hold your cards close to your chest." Hide this, hide that, watch out for your competitors and on and on. I thought I was supposed to change, and to be seen to be taking my business "seriously" and through all of that, I simply became too serious, even for my own liking, never mind those around me.

In "business," singing and rehearsals became serious, art had to be "Fine" art, or it wasn't considered art, drawing had to be done with not drawing any black outlines, color had to follow rules of color theory rather than intuition, feelings and the heart, and design had to be done on a computer, sitting in unhealthy postures for hours on end. Writing had rules. This was creativity? Creativity simply became no fun anymore and I questioned why I had gotten myself into this Creativity business.

It took me years to realize, I can do whatever I want. I forgot, that this is why so many people want to be an artist, to work in the arts, to live the life of an artist. And I had chosen to do so, so I better have fun doing it! That was, afterall, why I got into the arts, and into the business of creativity. I am in the business of creativity, and I am an artist, so of course, I can paint, create, and display BoobArt! I was free once again.

My series of BoobArt was created in part, as inspiration for those going through and recovering and healing from Breast Cancer, and for those who wanted to put a little humour in the healing process.

Have you had a scare with breast cancer? Do you know someone who has breast cancer? Someone who has died of Breast Cancer? Someone who has recovered from breast cancer? We can all answer at least one of those questions sadly, with a "yes."

Breast Cancer is a serious issue, and requires expert, serious medical care, AND, we know, that the power of the mind, and the power of humor and laughter are tremendous in their healing power. Humor and laughter simply, heals. My art could be called "Boobs With A Message?"

But why else did I create Boob Art? Most importantly, it was just to have fun with my paintings!

My Boobart was also the featured solo art show during one of the runs of the Hit Musical "Menopositive" in Vancouver. This art has also put smiles on the faces of many, in a local coffee house solo art show and display.

My BoobArt and "Boob Garden" has been purchased by breast cancer survivors, and for their breast cancer survivor friends and loved ones. My BoobArt not only was fun to create, but I was making a difference in the lives of others, and I was making money from it also.

Brenda Johima's BoobArt has touched the lives of women, just before they died. My BoobArt is hanging in the offices and lobby of surgeon and physician offices. What more could I ask for?

So, the moral of the story is, do what you want, express creatively whatever you want, don't listen to the naysayers, have fun with it, make a difference with your art if you can, but mostly, be creative, whether you are in business or not. If you are in business, have the guts to stand out, get noticed, and be remembered.

Creativity is meant to make a difference ... to YOU! •

© 2007 Brenda Johima. All rights reserved.

Brenda JohimaBrenda Johima is a Creativity Coach, Graphic Designer and Visual Artist, living the creative life in paradise, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. More »