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Brenda Johima : Creativity is BIG Business

Creativity is BIG Business

By Brenda Johima

Finally, creativity has made it to the big leagues in business!

It has always been the artists, poets, writers, dancers, actors, architects, designers, composers and creatives who have lead the way in society with arts and culture, making a tremendous impact on business, politics, environmental issues and it is creativity, innovation and big, great ideas from the arts, which have helped to bring about positive societal change.

Now everybody wants a piece of Creativity In Business, and for good reason. Corporations and businesses want to know how to find it, how to get it, how to create it, and how to retain it in their company. Right now, creativity is the biggest buzzword in business, and more and more creativity websites are popping up online daily.

Creativity is not only for arts and culture. Creativity, innovation, imagination, the ability to invent and to think creatively is crucial for your business. Creativity and Innovation Training is crucial in today's market, for any small business or corporation to succeed, to be ahead of the game, and on the leading edge.

Creativity and Innovation, and the need to set up a workplace environment, which supports and encourages creative expression in the workplace is no longer an "option" in business.

It is well known FACT now, that creativity IS big business and that creativity is a necessity, if you want to retain employees, and to attract the brightest and most brilliant creatives, to your organization.

Creating the business we dream of requires imagination and creative thinking, combined with the COURAGE to take the action required to get there and to reach our goals.

Every single person, without exception, is creative and the power of creative thinking, brainstorming and idea generation, and when combined with the creative and expressive arts, brings people together, builds strong teams, and helps reach business goals.

Happy and healthy employees are the usual goal for every good employer. Skilled CEOs, managers and employers recognize that every employee is a wellspring of talent.

Every single person has the ability to think creatively, to solve problems, come up with unique and innovative solutions and to generate a multitude of ideas.

Do you know the gifts, talents and dreams (outside of their job description) of every single employee? Are you missing out on the greatest asset that your company has?

How might your company benefit from creativity training, a creativity consultant or creativity coach for your business?

  • innovative ideas
  • better marketing strategies
  • increased productivity
  • product innovation
  • stronger and more unified teams
  • happier employees
  • creative thinking

Creativity is for companies who want:

  • To encourage creativity and innovation in the workplace
  • To encourage and motivate employees to bring their creative talents to work
  • To truly see and experience the value and benefits of creativity, creative thinking and innovation in the workplace
  • To attract and retain amazing employees
  • To create a healthy work environment and combine business, arts and health as a daily way of life
  • To gain creative ideas for business start-up and expansion
  • To achieve business success from new, innovative and creative ideas
  • To create promotional, advertising and marketing plans
  • Assistance with special events planning, marketing and promotions
  • To retain and to have happy staff

Whether you are a very large corporation or a very small business, you benefit from creativity. You already are creative, and business is, in itself, a creative venture. However, there is a far deeper level of creativity and innovation that comes from the tools used in the creative and expressive arts in business.

Through the use of music, movement, writing, photography and art making, the learning is deeper, the courage it takes is greater, the ideas bigger and better, the self awareness higher, and the bonding between staff, employee teams and management, far stronger.

CREATIVITY MAKES BUSINESS EXCITING and if you are going to spend money on creativity coaching and consulting services, that fun creativity also needs to be combined with practical solutions and ideas that get results.

To bring someone to your business who is a specialist in creativity, and who can draw out the very best creative talents in everyone in your company, may be the greatest investment that you can purchase.

An investment in the self, and an investment in the creative and innovative ideas that come from the people that work for you and with you, will not only create an amazing and prosperous work environment, but you will be changing peoples lives by bringing creative and whole people to work, rather than having people leave their incredible talents hidden at home.

Your business will benefit by having "more" of your employees show up for work, bringing a multitude of talents with them.

Do you know what the hobbies, talents, dreams and gifts are of each and every one of your employees? If not, you may be missing out on the full potential of your business, and in making a difference in the lives of the people who work for you and with you.

For the employee, who spends so much of their day at work, this means a more satisfying life experience.

Today in business, when good employers allow more individual expression of creativity at work and encourage it as a way of life, employees have a chance to be happier, more productive and effective, not only on the job, but in life in general.

By choosing to commit daily, to live a creative life in business, we are choosing to be happy. Creativity requires people to be loving and kind because overall, in the moment of the creation of anything that one is passionate about, people are in love with what they are doing.

Creative people tend to be more 'alive' and have more energy. Creativity comes from within, from spirit, from soul, from a place other than technique, and from another place other than from usual business practices.

"Life is a Blank Canvas. Fill It With Color. Creativity is a way of life. It is not just about doing things and making things. Creativity is a way of being, a way of thinking, a way of living and breathing and a way of moving through your world on a day to day basis." •

© 2007 Brenda Johima. All rights reserved.

Brenda JohimaBrenda Johima is a Creativity Coach, Graphic Designer and Visual Artist, living the creative life in paradise, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. More »