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Brenda Johima : Get in the Flow

To Think or Not to Think, That is the Question.

(or,"Get Out of Your Mind and Get In The Flow")

By Brenda Johima

"Creative Thinking" is wonderful topic for discussion. We can ALL think creatively and actually do it all day long.

Yes, there is a time for creative thinking and there is a time to not think, to let go of control and to let the creative process flow in the direction it is meant to go.

Do you need creative thinking training?

I think not always.

Sometimes we simply need an uncovering of the brilliance that is already there, sitting and waiting to be used to its fullest potential.

Sometimes the creative process actually requires that we not think.

Are you "out of your mind?" Yes?

Great! I say, Great!

You are not out of your mind? Well then, "Get Out Of Your Mind and Get In The Flow" as I would say.

The ability to think creatively, yes, is crucial in life and in the business world. It is a skill, and can be learned. There are many masters in the field of creative thinking and there is an entire movement globally, on Creative Thinking.

We all know about "Thinking." We all think and plan, think and plan, plan and think, and this is sometimes a necessary part of the creative process.

And, creative thinking is not the only way to find creative solutions to business and life challenges, and we must not get caught up only in the mind.

Very often, the best little gems of creative inspiration come from not thinking, letting go, and through entering into a meditative like state, or by just taking action. Some people call this "flow."

I do not mean that you have to "literally" meditate, although I am a 100% believer in the power of meditation. However, that is only one tool and path on the road to creativity.

By not thinking, for example, when one abstract painter lets go of control and is "in the flow," the artwork simply effortlessly comes out onto the blank canvas. A songwriter's lyrics seem to come from some place other than from rational mind. A scientist gets his best ideas while swimming underwater. Others get ideas in their dreams. Very often great ideas come when you least expect it, when you are not thinking.

This is what I mean by not thinking. Sometimes there is too much emphasis on creative thinking in the field of creativity and innovation, and often what we really need to do is just the opposite ... relax, have fun, have a good time in life, laugh, let go of control, get out of our mind, and just let the great ideas show up and bubble to the surface.

"Not Thinking" is my favorite place to find creativity. This is when we trust and have faith, and "let go." Some people feel very uncomfortable here. Depending on your own beliefs, you might call it prayer, creator, believing in miracles, channeling, a higher power … basically, you are trusting that creativity is coming from a place outside yourself, through you.

This requires trust, faith, belief and the willingness to let go of control. You have to be willing to be in the unknown, to surrender, to let go and to see what happens. See what shows up on the canvas of life and business.

An open mind, an open heart and an open channel for the creative force to flow through you, will always guide you to the steps to reach your personal and artistic goals, to complete that project, to paint that painting, and to watch your business grow. •

© 2007 Brenda Johima. All rights reserved.

Brenda JohimaBrenda Johima is a Creativity Coach, Graphic Designer and Visual Artist, living the creative life in paradise, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. More »