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Digital Design Articles

Web Design, Web Development, Graphic Arts, Software Tutorials

Design Faux Pas: Web Graphics & Print Projects
By Chris Dunmire
A quick lesson in the ethical, legal, and common-sense reasons why not to use images downloaded from Web sites in your newsletters and other print projects.

Design Dump: Website & Graphic Design Series
By Todd Bertsch
Graphic design and Web site development articles featuring design and logo tips, Web standards, and search engine optimization (SEO) information.

Five Steps to Building a Better Client Base
By Nicholas De Salvo
You are a working designer who has built a solid portfolio. You have carefully weighed your options and are finally ready to begin working for yourself. Now what?

Differences between Raster and Vector Graphics
By Mandar
Graphic images on your computer come in two different forms, raster images and vector images.

12 Tips for Showcasing and Selling Your Art Online
By Josse Ford and Daniel Tardent
Here's the scoop on what you must know when designing a website to showcase your art, impress galleries, and win over collectors

Choosing the "Right" Logo
By Colleen Ryan
Designed for instant identification, a logo is an emblem by way of which the organization can easily be recognized.

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