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Arts & Crafts : Exploring Topics in Digital Graphic & Web Design

Digital Design: Graphic, Web Design

Nit Wits #30 by Chris Dunmire.Words and pictures. Paper and ink. Pixels on a screen. Print design. Web site design. These are mediums graphic artists and Web designers use to communicate information to us every day in our physical and virtual worlds. Within this collection of traditional and digital design resources, you'll learn the fundamentals of print and Web design and how to make the most of advancing technologies and current industry software.

Design Topics in this Section

Color & Color Theory
Learn the fundamentals of color design and theory, cultural meanings and gestalt of color, color trends, and related topics.

Graphic Art & Design
Learn about graphic design as a growing profession that encompasses print and Web site design, multi-media, and desktop publishing.

Software Programs & Tutorials
Learn about industry standard graphics and design software and how to use it.

Typography & Type Design
Typography is the style, arrangement, or appearance of matter printed from type.

Web Design and Development
Learn what skills are needed to build basic and advanced Web sites — from HTML to PHP.

Graphic Design, Web Development, Software Articles
Articles on Web- and design-related topics including logos, copywriting, type design, finding clients, and digital art.