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Author Series - Professional Perspectives
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A Creative Soul with an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Gloria-Jean BrowneGloria-Jean Browne's entrepreneurial spirit began in the mid-70s at the age of 15, when she started her first business making and selling bead jewelry while still going to high school. Back in the 70s there wasn't any where near as many bead stores or suppliers as there is now (the Internet wasn't even thought of then) and the selection of beads and findings were very limited.

Gloria-Jean's creative soul started as a child and she has been making and selling crafts for over 30 years. She has had 4 home craft businesses, exhibited in over 100 craft shows, and had 2 retail stores, the first one selling Gifts, Crafts & Collectibles, where she won 3 awards — locally, regionally and nationally for excellence in retailing.

Her second store was a bead shop where she not only carried 1000's and 1000's of different types of beads and beading supplies but also designed and produced her own bead jewelry kits, held beading workshops (anywhere from 4 to 118 attendees), children's birthday parties, home jewelry making parties, and also sold her own one-of-a-kind designs and many of her customer's finished jewelry on consignment.

Gloria-Jean's website Beading Site is a home based jewelry business and design guide where she shares with you her 30-plus years of designing, producing and marketing bead jewelry and crafts.

Jewelry Articles by Gloria-Jean Browne

What to Do When Your Handmade Jewelry Isn't Selling
Gloria-Jean Browne
A small modification in an item selling poorly can increase sales dramatically.

Designing Bead Jewelry: One-of-a-kind Vs Production Pieces
Gloria-Jean Browne
Unless you are a well known designer or are able to design and produce pieces very quickly, it can be difficult to sell one-of-a-kind items and still make a profit.

How to Price Your Handcrafted Jewelry
Gloria-Jean Browne
Learning how to price your handcrafted jewelry is the key to profitability and requires much thought as well as computation.

Market Your Own Jewelry Making Kits
Gloria-Jean Browne
Profit from your specialized know-how selling jewelry making kits, beading patterns and teaching workshops.

The Art of Creative Jewelry Design
Gloria-Jean Browne
If you have a love for making jewelry and plan to make a living at it, then you HAVE to design jewelry pieces that are distinctive, that are different from everybody else's.

The Secret to a Profitable Home Jewelry Business
Gloria-Jean Browne
The secret is designing and making jewelry that you enjoy which is salable and has a strong market demand.