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Authors : Wildwood Cottage Crafts with Joy St. Germain

Raised Stencil Designs & Mosaic Crafts

Wildwood Cottage Crafts with Joy St. Germain

Joy St. GermainMy favorite Walt Disney quote is…. "If you can dream it you can do it."

I've always loved all types of art, from photography to painting to mosaics and stained glass. Though I've taken my share of art classes over the years I'm also a self taught artist/crafter and I like getting my hands dirty. If I get an idea for a new craft or see something that looks interesting I'll give it a try. Working on an art project is a relaxing, creative way to spend an afternoon.

Mosaic Garden ShovelI turned my hobbies and love of crafts into a business when I started The Wildwood Cottage LLC. I live in Minnesota. Anyone who has been to Minnesota in the winter knows that 5 months of bitter cold weather is the best time to work on crafts. By spring time I had an abundance of crafts that I sold at my plant and craft sales.

My plant and craft sales were a big success. Some of my customers wanted to know how I made my crafts while others wanted gardening tips. I was more then happy to share my tips and techniques for my crafts and gardening with anyone who ask. Knowing that I could help others with my tips and techniques is what gave me the inspiration to start my business.

My other passion is gardening. I love nature. My idea of a good time is working in my beautiful gardens while I enjoy a hot cup of coffee and listen to the oldies on my beat up garden radio. To a "dirt digger" like me it's total serenity. My gardens continue to grow and are now sprouting new garden art of their own.

Craft Project Tutorials by Joy St. Germain

Mosaic Serving TrayMosaic Projects

How to Make a Star-Spangled Mosaic Serving Tray
By Joy St. Germain
This star-spangled design is especially nice around the Fourth of July! Step-by-step craft tutorial.

How to Make a Broken China Mosaic Table
By Joy St. Germain
Creating a mosaic table is an inexpensive, fun way to add life to an old table. Step-by-step craft tutorial.

How to Make a Broken China Mosaic Garden Shovel
By Joy St. Germain
Express yourself in a fun and creative way by adding a colorful mosaic shovel to your garden. Step-by-step craft tutorial.

Raised Stencil Projects

How to Make Raised Stencil Terra-Cotta Flower Pots
By Joy St. Germain
Adding a raised stencil is a creative way to jazz up an otherwise plain flower pot. Step-by-step craft tutorial.

Framed Raised Stencils: Leaf Tutorial
By Joy St. Germain
Framed raised stencils can be used for wall decor in any room in your home. Step-by-step craft tutorial.

Raised Stencil Designs Tutorial: Sparkling Snowflake Christmas Ornaments
By Joy St. Germain
Decorative raised stencils aren't just for walls. You can use them to create Christmas ornaments and holiday gifts. Step-by-step craft tutorial.

Raised Stencil Designs Tutorial: Glittering Snowflakes on Glass
By Joy St. Germain
Glittering raised snowflakes on glass are easy to create and will give your home a festive holiday glow. Step-by-step craft tutorial.

Creating Raised, 3D, or Dimensional Stencils Tutorial
By Joy St. Germain
Raised stencils (also known as 3-D or Dimensional stencils) will add interest to your stenciling projects. Step-by-step craft tutorial.

More Decorative Stenciling Projects

How to Stencil on a Vinyl Roller Shade
By Joy St. Germain
Don't throw out that old vinyl shade. Instead pick out a decorative stencil, add some bright acrylic paint and give your shade a colorful makeover.

Fabric Painting with Stencils Tutorial
By Joy St. Germain
How to stencil on cotton, canvas, and denim fabrics. Step-by-step craft tutorial.

How to Make a Canvas Rug Floor Cloth Tutorial
By Joy St. Germain
Floorcloths (aka canvas rugs) are fun and easy to make and you don't have to be an artist to create your own work of art. Step-by-step craft tutorial.

Updated 12/22/13