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Snowflake Craft
Maria Chatzi : Snowflake Craft / Christmas Tree Decoration

Christmas Craft Project

Snowflake Decoration Christmas Tree Ornament

By Maria Chatzi

Snowflake CD DecorationThis project shows you how to make creative snowflake craft using an old CD, cotton swabs or toothpicks, glitter glue, and paper. The finished snowflake can be used as a decoration, Christmas tree ornament, or a special Friendship Snowflake (see bonus lesson for teachers and parents at the end of the project).

Level of difficulty: Moderate
Age: Children, 7+


  • an old CD
  • sheet of white paper (A4)
  • 5 cotton buds (Q-tips)
  • self-adhesive stars, color: gold
  • glitter glue, color: silver
  • craft glue (of a good quality — tell the seller you would like to apply it onto CDs)
  • piece of organza ribbon, color: light blue or light gray, length: 7 inches
  • small square piece of white paper (1 inch x 1 inch)
  • Optional) a marker or pen, color: blue
  • scissors
  • ruler or measuring tape


fig 1

1 Fold and cut your A4 paper sheet into 4 equal pieces (see fig 1).

fig 2

2 Fold and cut each of these pieces in half (widthwise), so now you have 8 equal pieces of white paper (see fig 2).

fig 3

3 Fold each of these small pieces of paper in half (again widthwise). Cut diagonally, from one point to the other (see fig 3).

fig 4

Unfold the folded part of the piece you’ve just cut and you’re left with a larger triangle and two smaller ones (see fig 4). You will need five of the larger triangles for this snowflake craft for kids. You won’t need the smaller ones, so put them away.

fig 5

4 To continue, take these five larger triangles and overlap angles b and c (adjacent to base) as shown in fig 4. Use some glue to hold them together (see fig 5). Repeat this with all five triangles.

fig 6

5 After the glue has dried, place them on a flat surface and press them with your hand, to form two folds, one on the right and one on the left. The result is what looks like a mini open envelop (see fig 6). Glue these little white “envelopes” clockwise on your CD.

6 Now take all your cotton buds (Q-tips) and cut off one of the two buds they have.

fig 7

7 When you’re left with one bud on each stick, glue the sticks on the CD, in the spaces left between the white mini “envelops.” Make sure you follow the pattern shown in fig 7.

fig 8

8 At this point, you’ve got to be real patient and wait till the glue you’ve applied on the bud sticks has dried completely before you continue, otherwise the bud sticks may fall off. When the glue has hardened, turn your CD on the back side and glue the organza ribbon, after you’ve folded it in half — protect it by gluing an additional little piece of white paper over it (see fig 8).

fig 9

9 Turn your CD over again, when the glue has dried, to its front side. Apply silver glitter glue on the bud tips. Also add the self-adhesive golden stars, as shown in fig 9. Wait for the glitter glue to dry and your snowflake is ready.

Extra lesson for teachers and parents

fig 10

10 If you are a teacher or a parent who enjoys making stuff with your children, you could turn this craft into a follow-up activity of a lesson about how to make friends and the importance of connecting people in a cooperative world. If you wish to do this, add this final 10th step to your snowflake craft.

Use a blue marker or pen to write the following words (verbs), one on each mini white “envelop”:

Share, Smile, Listen, Forgive, Help

Have a look at fig 10 to get an idea of what your snowflake should look like with the words written on it. You may like to call it “The Friendship Snowflake.”


1. It takes time for glitter glue to dry and harden completely. Children, especially of younger ages, are often impatient when they get excited about finishing a project. A good idea is to prepare the buds with the glitter glue a day or two before you make the snowflake, so the kids could finish the project without needing to wait long for the glitter glue to dry.

2. Instead of cotton buds you could use toothpicks, which will look great if painted with a metallic silver craft paint. Or, you could apply glue with a brush and dip the toothpicks into silver glitter flakes. •

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