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Scarlett Lovitt : Container Candles — An Ideal Kitchen Decoration

Container Candles — An Ideal Kitchen Decoration

By Scarlett Lovitt

Container CandlesIn the average home, the kitchen is a special place that is not only for food preparation, but also has an atmosphere of its own. Most kitchens conjure up a feeling of warmth, domesticity, creativity, and family feeling. After all, how many of our family interactions occur while making supper or having a cup of coffee in the kitchen?

In the kitchen, you have many different gadgets, utensils, bottles, and jars. So why would you even think to add any decoration? The room has its own atmosphere without any extras. However, that is not necessarily true. In fact, the best kind of decoration for any kitchen is something that is made from its own population. Here, we are referring to container candles, which make good use of your empty jars and containers and at the same time give you an original and attractive decoration for your kitchen.

In fact, when you buy an elegant jar or bottle that looks far too good to throw away once you have finished using its contents, you now have a good purpose to use it for and keep it in your kitchen.

It is quite easy to make container candles. The steps are as follows:

  1. Take a double boiler (made from one saucepan inside the other) and put some water to boil inside the outer pan.

  2. Pour wax inside the inner pan (or "melting pot"), attaching a thermometer to the outside. Heat the wax until the temperature of 180F.

  3. Add dye to the wax and also scent, if you would prefer scented candles. You can use a dye block to provide color, adding it gradually till you achieve the shade that you would want.
  4. Attach to the wick to the bottom of the jar or container that you are using for your candle, using glue or double-sided tape as an adhesive.

  5. Pour in the wax very carefully around the wick and then wait for 45 seconds for any air bubbles to rise. You may find that a pit forms around the wick. In that case, you can reheat the leftover wax several hours later and "top off" your candle by pouring this in to close off the pit.

  6. Leave your container candle to cool down, and then you can use it.

The great thing about these candles is that you can either light them or you could simply use them as ornaments in your kitchen.

Container candles can be made from just about anything, from a glass bottle to an elegantly shaped spice jar. You can place them next to other jars and bottles to make a pretty display on your windowsill or ledge, or put them on the countertop. You can also choose your colors. Perhaps you would like to coordinate them with the furnishings in your kitchen, such as the curtains, towels, and area rug. For example, if you have a passion for red, you may want to match your container candles with your red rug, curtains, and towels.

If you are very creative, you can also decorate your container candles with floral designs or patterns. And once you have become an absolute expert, you can give them away to your friends. They make an amazing gift that, precisely because they are homemade, makes them very personal and individual.

Making container candles is also extremely cost-effective and they can help you to beautify your kitchen in an easy and practical way. •

© 2010 Scarlett Lovitt. All rights reserved.

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