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Authors : Scarlett Lovitt

Scarlett Lovitt's Home Decor & Interior Design Ideas

Scarlett Lovitt has extensive experience in home decorating and interior designing.

Home Decor Ideas by Scarlett Lovitt

Crafting Homemade Angel Accessories
By Scarlett Lovitt
Easy angel accessories you can make any time of the year to add elegance to your home, and as beautiful gifts to your friends.

Recycling Your Refuse into Riches
By Scarlett Lovitt
With a little creativity, you can save your money and recycle some of the things you would normally throw out into cute ornaments and accessories for your home.

Beautiful Butterflies in and Out of Your Home
By Scarlett Lovitt
Do you have a passion for butterflies? If so, would you like to indulge in it and make your home into your own butterfly palace?

It's Summer Time and the Kids Are Bored...
By Scarlett Lovitt
Crafty ideas to keep your kids busy: homemade pizza box checkerboard and fuzzy felt board.

The Love of Lavender...
By Scarlett Lovitt
If you are a lover of lavender, how about decorating your bathroom and even creating your own lavender accessories?

Beautiful Votive Candles for Your Living Room
By Scarlett Lovitt
One of the best ways to celebrate your winter festival or holiday is to make your own votive candles.

The Art of Aromatherapy Candles
By Scarlett Lovitt
A quick lesson in aromatherapy and how to make your own aromatic candles to sooth, ease, and relax.

How To Make Your Own Mosaic Tables
By Scarlett Lovitt
The basic method of container mosaic construction to create mosaic tabletops, wall art, lamp bases, and more.

Container Candles — An Ideal Kitchen Decoration
By Scarlett Lovitt
Container candles can be made from just about anything, from a glass bottle to an elegantly shaped spice jar.

Putting Out the Red Carpet
By Scarlett Lovitt
What is the best way to use red without "overdoing it," and adding a touch of class to your home?