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Scarlett Lovitt : Beautiful Votive Candles for Your Living Room

Beautiful Votive Candles for Your Living Room

By Scarlett Lovitt

Votive CandlesIn many cultures and religions, candles play a leading role. For example, Catholics often light candles in church. In the Jewish religion, candles are lit to signify the beginning of the Sabbath or festivals, and of course the most famous Jewish holiday of all is Chanukah, the Festival of Lights. In the winter, depending on the religion or culture that you follow, chances are that your living room will either be decorated with Chanukah lights on the menorah or candles on your tree.

One of the best ways to celebrate your winter festival is to make your own votive candles. These can be any color or any fragrance that you like, and they are quite easy to make. The materials are easy to come by and do not cost the earth.

Here's how:

  • Pour votive wax into a double boiler that has boiling water at the bottom (but remember to keep the water away from the wax!). Attach a thermometer to the boiler so that you can watch the temperature.
  • When the wax is completely melted and has reached the temperature of 180F, add the color and scent of your choice. Stir the wax thoroughly so that the scent and dye are properly absorbed.
  • Pour the wax into the mold and wait a few minutes till it looks cloudy. That's when you can add the wick.
  • When the candle is completely cooled, you can remove it from the mold. If you find it difficult to do so, place it inside the refrigerator for a few minutes. Then you will find it much easier to slip it out.
  • Now that your candles are ready, you can use them to tastefully decorate your menorah or Christmas tree.

Votive candles can look absolutely beautiful in any setting, brightening up your living room with their light. However, as you can choose their colors, you can make them blend in with the hue of the walls and curtains. They can also match your area rugs — thus you could make several colors to match the floral rug in your living room, for example.

Ideally, you could place the Christmas tree and its plethora of candles near your window, or you may want to make it the centerpiece of your room. If you were to do the latter, you could place the rug under the base of the tree, and each one will enhance the look of the other.

However, votive candles do not only have to be placed on menorahs or Christmas trees. You can also use them as a pretty decoration in their own right. If you have a mantelpiece or sideboard, votive candles can look very pretty if they are arranged on there. You do not even have to light them to create an effect, though if they are scented they will certainly add to the atmosphere of the room.

Another alternative is to place them on the table and use them as a centerpiece. This can look very good during a meal with guests. You can make candles that match the napkins. For example, scarlet napkins and candles will look very good with a white or cream tablecloth, polished metal silverware, and an elegant china dinner service.

The great thing about votive candles is that they are so easy and inexpensive to make, as described above. You can even give them to your friends as a personal gift. They will never lose their charm or go out of fashion. •

© 2010 Scarlett Lovitt. All rights reserved.

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