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Stenciling : Stencil Ease Tutorials

The Ease of Stenciling, Stencil Art and Design

Stencil Ease is a manufacturer of stencils, paints, brushes, and stenciling design accessories since 1980. In partnership with Creativity Portal, Stencil Ease shares several of their stenciling how-to projects here with our readers. For more stenciling projects, tutorials, tips, tricks, and products, visit

Stenciling / How to Stencil Design

Basic How-to Stencil Art TutorialBasic How-to Stencil Art Tutorial
By Stencil Ease
A stenciling primer for beginners demonstrating basic stenciling techniques for a one or two overlay stencil. Includes important tips for stenciling on fabric.

Sculpture Stenciling GuideSculpture Stenciling Guide
By Stencil Ease
Demonstrates sculpture (raised) stenciling techniques. Includes tips for creating borders, and advanced tips for coloring paste.

Wallpaper and Floor Stencil DemoWallpaper and Floor Stencil Demo
By Stencil Ease
A Flash-based presentation showing a variety of stencil products and applications, home decorating inspiration, and design ideas.