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The Art of Stenciling
Arts & Crafts : Explore Decorative Stenciling Art

Explore the Decorative Craft of Stenciling Art

Stencil Art and Interior Stenciling Design

Joy Germain shows you how to stencil on fabric in her tutorial...Stenciling is a decorative art utilizing pre-cut templates and acrylic or stencil paint to achieve specific designs on interior walls, furniture, and fabric. Stenciling is also used with various plasters and compounds to achieve classy raised-stencil effects.

Within Creativity Portal's collection of stencil art tutorials and stenciling resources you'll learn the fundamentals and advanced techniques of stencil art for home decorating, furniture, and fabric design.

Cool Stencils!

Want to Design Your Own Stencils? Check out Stencil Ease's nifty online tool that allows you to design and preview your own custom lettering, words, and designs for vehicles, stencil art and decorative craft projects.

Stenciling How-to Tutorials

Raised Stencil DesignsStenciling Art & Craft Projects by Joy St. Germain
Creative projects will teach you how to stencil on fabric, create raised stencil designs and more.

How-to Stencil Tutorials by Stencil Ease
How to do basic stencil art! Step-by-step tutorials for stenciling, sculpture stenciling, and wallpaper and floor stenciling.

Victoria Larsen's Raised Stencil Design Tutorials
Learn Raised Plaster Design and rubber stamping design techniques from professional stencil artist Victoria Larsen.

Stenciling & Stencil How-to Art Websources

The Wildwood Cottage
The Wildwood Cottage provides tips, techniques, ideas and inspiration for unique art projects and crafts. Topics include floorcloths, raised stencils, and stenciling on fabric.

Victoria Larsen Stencil Techniques
Professional stencil artist Victoria Larsen's Web site with free stenciling instructions, ideas, and inspiration.

Stencil Ease
Basic and advanced stenciling techniques by Stencil Ease, manufacturer of stencils, paints, brushes, and accessories since 1980.

Stenciled Patio Tabletop and Chair Slipcovers
Jan Dressler of the Dressler Stencil Company explains how to stencil a glass patio tabletop and chair slipcovers.

How to Stencil Polymer Clay Beads
Technique by Arlene Thayer for polymer clay sculpting that results in a stencil art look on beads.

Updated 12/17/13