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Aging Techniques for Mixed Media & Collage by Tatiana Kuzyk
Aging Techniques for Mixed Media & Collage : Page 3 of 7

Simple Aging Techniques for Mixed Media & Collage

Building Your Background

continued from page 2

Picture 10

Step 1:

Attach all the background elements to the surface of your choice using Golden Soft Gel Semi-Gloss. Apply this medium to both, back and front, of each element for best adhesion.

Picture 11

Picture 12

Step 2:

In this step I applied a generous layer of Golden Heavy Gel Matte across the entire surface while trying to create an uneven texture with high variations in thickness. This process can be likened to 'stop-and-go' driving, take your palette knife for a quick ride in some areas, while leaving almost excessive layer of gel in others. You will be able to notice wonderful ebbing and flowing pattern of this application as it will become highly visible and reveal each nuance of texture once we move to the paint application step. By now, you can recognize how 'addition' is utilized through the building of subsequent layers in the composition.

Picture 13

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