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Aging Techniques for Mixed Media & Collage by Tatiana Kuzyk
Aging Techniques for Mixed Media & Collage : Page 4 of 7

Simple Aging Techniques for Mixed Media & Collage

Simple Techniques for Aging Your Artwork: Paint Application Strategies

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Applying paint to your artwork as one of the modes for adding an aging effect may be easily misperceived for boring and not very effective. Yet a careful and controlled application of acrylic paint, with an assistance of variety of tools, can transform a modern-looking artwork into a well-preserved antique. Painting is another example of 'addition' of elements of design to your evolving composition. The possibilities are infinite and waiting for you to explore. I'll share some of my favorite ones below.

Applying Paint with a Flat Acrylic Brush (#8 & 40)

Picture 14

Picture 15

In my opinion the most 'creatively credible' paint color required for aging any artwork is Golden Liquid Acrylics Quinacridone/ Nickel Azo Gold used by itself or in glazes. In the above photograph I worked with Quinacrdione glaze (mixture of Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid Satin mixed with couple drops of paint). You can apply this color directly to the surface for a more dramatic effect and tone variations. Notice that in the photo I attempted to leave more generous deposits of paint/glaze mixture in the creases previously created by heavy gel application. The key here is to think 'uneven distribution', imagine a prolonged sun exposure interacting with a sheet of paper over a period of one hundred years. Some areas will receive more radiation and develop a deeper tone of 'yellowing effect', whereas others will barely preserve their original 'whiteness.'

Picture 16

Picture 17

Applying Paint with a Make-Up Sponge

Picture 18

Gently dab the paint of your choice onto the selected areas and drag is across the surface for an uneven application and a very believable aging effect. Golden Liquid Acrylics Quinacridone or Titan Buff work great.

Picture 19

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