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Artist's Musings On Creative Process...
Tatiana Kuzyk : Artist's Musings On Creative Process

Artist's Musings On Creative Process by Tatiana Kuzyk

My inspiration for creating "Artist's Musings On Creative Process" series came from my desire to share the meanderings of my own artistic voyage. Creative process is a non-linear path that our rational self finds difficult to follow as we are being asked to relinquish any preconceived notions and expectations about the destination that awaits us. Soon, we realize that terms such as 'certainty' and 'a scheduled itinerary' don't apply to creative adventures.

I believe that we are learning from each other. Sometimes all we need is another fellow pilgrim putting a name on one of our deepest fears to help us move right through it. And then there are moments when we yearn for a glimpse of hope in times of creative drought. Somehow we must find the strength to persevere and trust that it is not the end — as something new and beautiful is being born deep within.

So, come along for the journey.

Artist's Musings On Creative Process

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