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Artist's Musings On Creative Process...
Authors : Tatiana Kuzyk

Explore Creative Process, Altered Art & Collage with Tatiana Kuzyk

Tatiana KuzykTatiana Kuzyk is an intuitive artist, writer, and a spiritual teacher. Tatiana's personal prescription for a so called 'creative blockage' is a complete surrender to the Sacredness of the mysteries of one's Creative Process ~ be it collaging, painting, writing, or entrepreneurship. Tatiana's creative passion is fueled by inspirations from the multi~national readers of her blog ~ Thou Shall Live A Creative Life ~ which features photo-tutorials of mixed media creative projects and reflections on Tatiana's life as an artist. Currently Tatiana is conducting a research for her Masters Thesis in Metaphysics that explores creativity as a spiritual practice in one's daily life. For more information visit Tatiana's blog at

Creative Process Series by Tatiana Kuzyk

Artist's Musings on Creative Process
By Tatiana Kuzyk
A series of articles pondering the challenges faced on the artistic and spiritual paths.

Altered Art & Collage Projects by Tatiana Kuzyk

Create A Fall~Inspired Mixed Media Painting In 7 Simple Steps
By Tatiana Kuzyk
Where else can we discover the unlimited depth of color and texture than by treating ourselves to a feast for all senses while breathing in the dancing hues and shapes of freshly fall~adorned trees?

Simple Aging Techniques for Mixed Media & Collage
By Tatiana Kuzyk
Rich, creative techniques for aging your mixed media and collage artwork include easy altering techniques, background building, applying paint with a palette knife or rubberstamp, and paint removing strategies.

Adventures In Mixed Media Textures
By Tatiana Kuzyk
Two simple techniques (sculpted and shredded) for building unexpected and creative mixed media art backgrounds.

1-Hour Collage ProjectTurn Your Shopping Bag Into A Beautiful Collage In 60 Minutes!
By Tatiana Kuzyk
Find a paper shopping bag and I'll help you turn it into a stunning mixed media collage that you'll be proud to display!

Create Your Own Altered Art in 60 Minutes!
By Tatiana Kuzyk
Learn how to create a beautiful altered art mixed media keepsake in just one hour!