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Untitled Tatiana Kuzyk 16x20, acrylics and mixed media on canvas.
Tatiana Kuzyk : Adventures In Mixed Media Textures

Adventures In Mixed Media Textures

2 Simple Techniques On How to Build An Unexpected Mixed Media Background

By Tatiana Kuzyk

TECHNIQUE 1: Sculpted BackgroundEach one of us must begin a new artwork with a blank canvas, yet sometimes that's where the journey of our project ends…

Even though we may have a more or less clear sense of what we'd like to create, still, as we're standing face-to-face with a pristine canvas, our deepest self-doubts and loudest voices of criticism come to the surface of our awareness and cause us to freeze in a creative paralysis. Soon we realize that the faith of our new project will be determined by whether or not we'd be able to continue to move forward despite this not very nurturing inner environment.

I've learned that if I narrow my focus down and concentrate on a first brush stroke, a first serving of a medium applied to the surface, and nothing else, I can soon find my own rhythm and embrace the simple fact that I don't need to know where this collage or painting is going in order to complete it. Slowly, I begin the journey with curiosity-sparking questions by asking myself 'What if….?' For example, What if I immerse a half a pound of shredded paper in a heavy gel? What if I try to incorporate small and large pieces of potpourri into a pumice paste?

TECHNIQUE 2: Shredded BackgroundThe following techniques are great Creative Icebreakers for the early stages of any project and you can use them to build an unexpected background for your collage or mixed media artwork. And the best thing is that they are designed for any level of previous art experience. I strongly encourage you to experiment with your choice of medium, color and material. Once your foundation is set, you can continue to develop your artwork by following your own curiosity.

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