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Gum Wrapper Origami Fun by Tom Hall
Authors : Tom Hall

Spotlight On Artist Tom Hall

Gum Wrapper Origami

Tom HallTom is an artist expressing himself through gum wrapper origami. Tom is also an IT project manager so is looking for ways to incorporate innovation techniques to the many project processes used for work. He is just beginning his journey on how to promote his art commercially via the Internet.

With little formal art training, Tom transforms his day dreams of whimsical objects into sculptured reality. Each idea presents new challenges and opportunities for creative fulfillment, often changing in unexpected ways during the physical process of assembly. Tom desires to share what he has learned to both inspire and share with others who may enjoy this simple creative exercise. Tom has published some articles online showing step-by-step instructions on how to construct some of his original designs. Visit his Gum Wrapper Art Web site.

Gum Wrapper Origami Projects by Tom Hall

Gum Wrapper Swing Set ProjectGum Wrapper Origami Swing Set Project
By Tom Hall
Learn how to make a miniature origami swing set from foil gum wrappers. It really works!

Gum Wrapper Umbrella ProjectGum Wrapper Origami Umbrella Project
By Tom Hall
Learn how to make a miniature origami umbrella out of gum wrappers. The perfect little accent for cuteness and dollhouses!