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Gum Wrapper Origami Fun by Tom Hall
Tom Hall : Gum Wrapper Origami Swing Set Project

Origami Swing Set Project

How to Make a Miniature Swing Set from Gum Wrappers

By Tom Hall

SwingsetRemember when you were in grade school and you had to take turns on the swing? We had a rule where, if you were waiting you would count out slowly to 21. When you got to 21, the kid on the swing would have to get off and it was your turn. It was a lost memory until I started building one of these and recalled that from first grade. It was always an argument too — "you counted too fast" "did not" "did so" etc. Well, enough of my wasted youth — let's get started...

Materials Needed:

  • 10 Gum Wrappers

Project Instructions:

Step 1Step 1: Fold sticks.

If you've read any of my other instructables, you're already familiar with this. We need to create nine (9) gum wrapper sticks for the construction of the swing set.

Lay a wrapper out flat with the serrated edges facing up. Make sure the little flaps at the ends are unfolded all the way.

Fold in half lengthwise. Try to make the fold as exact as possible. Keep folding in half a couple more times lengthwise. When you get to where you can't fold it, crease it down the middle again lengthwise with your thumbnail. Keep in the middle as much as possible.

Fold around the crease as best you can. Then roll the piece between your thumb and fingers to produce a cylindrical stick made of aluminum. Repeat this process nine times.

Step 2Step 2: Create connections for cross-bar

Now we'll make the connections for the cross-bar. There will be six connections in all made the same way.

Take two sticks and cross them at a 90 degree angle. Use about 1 inch of one stick to wrap around the other in a tight spiral keeping the 90 degree angle as much as possible. This will form a spiral connector that the cross-bar slides into. Repeat six times.

Four are needed for the end supports.
Two are needed as the swing chains.

Step 3Step 3: Create end pieces

In this step you'll create supports that will hold the end pieces together and provide stability for the swing.

Take two straight sticks and cross them like you're forming a capital "A" and one of the is the middle piece. Use about a third of the cross piece and wrap it in a tight spiral up the straight side of the "A".

Try to maintain the angle you established when you put them together in the half — "A" shape.

Repeat on the other side by adding another straight stick and wrapping a tight spiral up the "A" with the same size connector on that side.

Repeat this to make another cross member support for the other side. Try to make both the same size and keep the angles consistent on all sides.

Next, slide four sticks with connectors into the cross member connectors as shown to form two "A" supports for each end of the swing. The cross-member connectors at the top of the "A"s.

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