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The Art of Stenciling
Stenciling : Victoria Larsen

Professional Wall Stencil Designer Victoria Larsen

Raised Stencil DesignsVictoria Larsen is a professional wall stencil designer and interior specialist. Her products and ideas have been featured in Better Homes and Gardens, Women's Day, Craft Trends, Creating Keepsakes, Rubber Stampin Retailer and Memory Maker magazines and The Wall Street Journal. Visit Victoria online at

Stenciling Projects by Victoria Larsen

How to Stencil with Rubber Stamps and Plaster
By Victoria Larsen
A creative twist on Raised Plaster Stenciling: Rubber stamps pressed into wet plaster to create wonderful designs.

How to Stencil with Plaster: Raised Designs
By Victoria Larsen
Though stenciling itself is a very easy craft to perform, stenciling with plaster for raised designs is the easiest thing I've ever done.