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Sewing, yarn, and needle crafts
Arts & Crafts : Needle Crafting – Explore Cross Stitch & Needlepoint

Explore Cross Stitch & Needlepoint

The Finer Point

Unlike crochet and knitting, these needlecrafts get more to "the finer point" by allowing an artist to craft images, scenery, pictures, patterns, and designs in fabrics or plastic canvasses for unique gifts and home decoration accents (think of the Home Sweet Home image). Learn more about these exciting needlepoint crafts from the following Web resources offering plenty of how-to information, free pattern and project ideas, and inspiration for your own needlepoint and cross stitch projects.

Featured Article: Cross-Stitch Portraits

Stitching Memories: Photographic Crafts
By Caryl Grecia
There's a new option to the dilemmas of boring photographs and failed charcoal and oil (even water-color) paintings and that is the cross-stitch portrait. It is converting a favorite photograph into an elegant and artistic needlecraft. However high-tech the snapshot is, it will be captured exactly, even the tiniest detail, in a cross-stitch portrait.

Cross Stitch & Needlepoint How-to Resources

TW Designworks
A needlework design site featuring tips and a bulletin board for sharing ideas and expert advice. Has a a tips section covering general tips for stitching, charting techniques, specialty stitching, organizing floss, working on black, and large designs.

Layden with Stitches
Cross-stitch enthusiasts will enjoy learning how to convert their favorite photos to cross stitch designs for free. The site includes step-by-step guides, tips, tools, resources, projects, and free patterns.

Alita's Free Cross Stitch Patterns & Gobelins
Offers a generous amount of free cross stitch patterns and gobelin charts to visitors.

Dea's Xstitch
Features a variety of free downloadable project designs and other free sources for cross stitch learning how-to and patterns online.