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A Year of Writing Dangerously by Barbara Abercrombie
Barbara Abercrombie : A Year of Writing Dangerously

10 Excerpts from A Year of Writing Dangerously: 365 Days of Inspiration & Encouragment

A Year of Writing Dangerously by Barbara Abercrombie"Barbara Abercrombie's A Year of Writing Dangerously is a book of short pieces to sustain any writer — beginner or veteran — through a year of writing, whether it's fiction, memoir, autobiography, or essays. Filled with juicy literary stories and the innermost thoughts about creativity from a wide variety of great writers, along with Abercrombie's time-tested writing advice and exercises. These selections will jumpstart writers as they struggle with the incredible challenge of being creative every day." — New World Library

Writing Dangerously Interview & Excerpts

Day 273: Getting Published
By Barbara Abercrombie
It is joyful to get published right away — but there's also a downside.

Day 309: Sailing from Context
By Barbara Abercrombie
Sometimes experience and adventure can backfire on you.

Day 283: A Mess of Questions and Detail
By Barbara Abercrombie
Maybe it is crazy. But it’s what writers do.

Day 195: One of the Worst Things a Writer Can Do
By Barbara Abercrombie
Think twice about throwing away your essay or fiction or memoir because you hate it.

Day 149: The DVD in Your Head
By Barbara Abercrombie
When your writing takes up residence in your inner life.

Day 142: Writers with a View
By Barbara Abercrombie
On Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie writing with a view in Lagos, Nigeria.

Day 121: Life Rafts
By Barbara Abercrombie
Certain books on my shelves act as life rafts when I'm drowning in my own writing. Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird...

Day 11: Racing Hearts and Churning Stomachs
By Barbara Abercrombie
Don't let fear and insecurity about writing stop you.

Day 6: Daring to Tell
By Barbara Abercrombie
We are all scared of disappointing, of venturing past the safe boundaries of our minds and hearts.

Day 1: Switchbacks up the Mountain
By Barbara Abercrombie
Writing holds the possibility that I won't have anything to say, not another word. That perhaps my imagination has dried up and my brain is empty.

Writing Dangerously Interview with Barbara Abercrombie
In this interview Barbara responds to questions: What inspired you to write this book? Why writing dangerously? Why a year? How does your book differ from other books on creative writing?


"[In writing] we all have our own road up the mountain, or down into the valley, or in a small rickety boat over deep and dark water. Pick your metaphor."

"There's no way to glide gracefully into writing, no way to hide who we really are. There's always that loud space of emptiness and silence when you start to write, whether you're in a cabin or your bedroom or an office."

"There's no way to guarantee a safe, easy journey into words on the page. It's just you and your memory and experience and imagination. Naked."