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Authors : Cheryl Pallant

Writing from the Body with Cheryl Pallant

Cheryl PallantCheryl Pallant, poet, journalist, dancer, professor, and somatic practitioner, is the author of eight books of poetry and nonfiction. She teaches creative writing, dance, and Writing from the Body. Learn more about Cheryl and her work at her Web site

Articles by Cheryl Pallant

Moving Into Writing
By Cheryl Pallant
Sensation roots us in the present. When we tune in to our breath, our flesh, our bones, and blood, the fullness of our being comes alive and taps into a fertile source of power and inspiration.

20 Questions Interview
By Cheryl Pallant
Creativity inspiring responses from a writer, poet, dancer, professor, meditator, Reiki practitioner, cyclist, hiker, a tango and yoga aficionado.