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Judy Wood Art Photography
Authors : Judy Wood

Judy Wood's Inspiration and Wisdom for Artists

Judy Wood
Interview with Judy Wood
By Molly Anderson-Childers
Read Judy's creativity-inspiring responses to questions about her passion for art and photography, love of horses (as an artist and rider), and how she deals with the slow spells in her creative life in this exclusive Creative Careers in the Arts feature.

Judy Wood is a career artist, based in the Canadian prairies. In past years she has worked in a variety of media, from batik to stained glass and glass mosaic, but photography remained a constant in the background of her artistic endeavors.

With the artistic freedom and image control allowed by the age of digital SLR photography and computer image processing, Judy's art life has now been taken over by image capture and manipulation. Her current work is photo based, and ranges from art photography of various subject matter through to one of a kind mixed media works with photo elements.

Another ongoing love that has found a new expression in the computer age is Judy's enjoyment of writing. With the creation of her photo blog in 2008, she discovered a satisfying way to combine her photo images with text about her lifestyle as an art photographer, focusing on her prairie lifestyle and her everyday experiences with horses, nature, and art photography.

Judy's blog is at and her website is

Riding Lessons for Artists Series by Judy Wood

Riding Lessons for Artists (Horse picture © Judy Wood)Preface to these articles: Just a word of explanation on where I am coming from with my "take" on art and riding. I'm pretty serious about both these things as they are very important in my life. I realize that not everyone comes to either art or riding with the same (dare I say) fanatical devotion that I do, but that's just the way I am. When something is important to me, I work at it and think about it. A lot. These articles reflect some of those thoughts. If they strike a chord with your experience, that's great. If your own approach to the subjects at hand is a less intense and more recreational one, I hope I'm not scaring you away. Take the bits that make sense and work for you, and leave the rest. — Judy Wood

By Judy Wood
Do your homework before you decide on a particular show or venue. It is important to know ahead of time how or if you will fit in with the show you are considering.

Mirror, mirror
By Judy Wood
One of the useful tools we can employ in both art and riding is the mirror.

Where am I, and where am I going?
By Judy Wood
For some, art/riding are simple recreational pursuits, an accomplishment to work at, and a diversion from everyday life.

By Judy Wood
The important learning value in communities, sharing experiences, and tribe togetherness.

How Do We Learn and From Whom?
By Judy Wood
Choosing instructors, being self-taught, and learning how-to by researching subjects on your own.

The Basics are Basic
By Judy Wood
Even if you have a "gift", you still have to work hard to realize your potential.

It's (Almost) Never Too Late
By Judy Wood
Learning from Grandma Moses: It's never too late to be an artist.

Forging a New Path in Art and Life
By Judy Wood
Forging a new path in life and art by asking, "Why not?"

Series Introduction
By Judy Wood
What can riding and riding lessons possibly have to do with being an artist?