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Fruitful © Lynda Lehmann
Authors : Lynda Lehmann

Celebrating the ‘Ubiquitous Beauties of the World’

Abstract Expressionist Lynda Lehmann

Fruitful © Lynda LehmannLynda Lehmann studied Art Education at Penn State University and earned her BFA from Hofstra. She studied advertising at Farmingdale College and textile design at the School of Visual Arts, and worked as a commercial artist before pursuing painting at the Art League of Long Island. Lynda has enjoyed writing four middle-grade and YA mainstream novels with environmental and feminist themes, and several short stories in a sociological science fiction genre. She has shown her art in numerous juried and solo shows in the New York area. Her paintings and digital art are abstract, while her photography is realistic.

Artistic Perspectives by Lynda Lehmann

In Praise of Creative Process
At my seasoned age, I have both the time and space to devote myself to creative process, grasping the Being-ness that everyone was talking about in the 60s.

What Good Art Does to Us
What makes a work of art singular or important is not its pretty, pictorial quality.

What is Art? Traditional Versus Abstract
Art can have spark, spawn new ways of thinking, move and inspire us, whether it is representational or non-objective.

Think Small (No, I'm not Joking...)
When you fine tune your vision, turn it towards detail, new worlds await.

Art and Beauty
The activity of creating art is an affirmation of life.

Lynda Lehmann Interview
On the rewards of being an abstract expressionist painter, working deeply in the creative process, and advice for new artists "breaking in" to the business end.

The Artist: 'Tortured Soul' or Joyous Participant?
My response is to reject this stereotype, just as I routinely reject other stereotypes.

Art and Power
I think most of us would agree that producing art gives us power.