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Creatively Fit: Create You!
Whitney Freya : Everything I Needed to Know I Learned Painting

Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned Painting

The Creatively Fit Painting Process

By Whitney Freya

Whitney with PaintingI began my art career as a COMPLETE beginner. I even opened an art center without knowing what colors of paint to order for the painting class and NO formal art training. I learned quickly because I had been unexplainably inspired to catapult myself from a sales career to an art career. It did not make any sense in the "left brain" logical way, but in a "right brain" intuitive way it allowed me to be my own client, my own wanna-be artist, and I became a portal for this kind of insight into why we are all intended to make art, not in order to create product, but in order to CREATE our lives, our world, and, I believe right now, our future.

What was revealed to me as I shattered my own limiting beliefs about what I was capable of creating, of painting, was that the painting process mirrors our life process. At each step of the way there is opportunity to gain invaluable insight into who we are, where we are going and why we are here.

There are four main steps to the Creatively Fit painting process, the process that evolved as I learned, and then taught, how to paint. Within each step of the painting, and the process as a whole, there are invaluable life lessons that are revealed. The beautiful thing about this approach is that as we learn these lessons on the canvas, in order to create a "successful" painting, we inherently learn them within ourselves so that when we go out into the art that is our lives, we are able to apply these same lessons. It happens automatically, just as when you strengthen muscles at the gym, your new strength is felt as you move outside of the gym.

Following are each of the four steps in the painting process and the insight into the ART that is your LIFE that can be learned along the way, as we "make our mark."

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Updated 1/14/14