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Creatively Sharing Your Gifts: Free Printable Greeting Cards by Chris Dunmire
Chris Dunmire : The Benefits of Sharing Your Artistic Gifts

The Benefits of Creatively Sharing Your Artistic Gifts

By Chris Dunmire

I'm one of those people who likes to make my own gifts for other people rather than running to the store last minute to pick something up (for example, see my inventive Money Plant Project). This isn't always practical, I'll admit, because when a newlywed couple needs a blender, there's no homemade substitute for a blender!

Okay, so if a gift needs to be store bought, I still like to make my own greeting cards to accompany the offering. Usually this is a safe thing to do, as most people appreciate the special effort that goes into a personalized card that I spent considerable time making.

Of course I realize how much easier it would be to stop by the Hallmark store to pick up a ready-made card (with an envelope!), but the inner motivation I have for doing what I do results in feeling great satisfaction from creatively sharing a part of myself with my recipient.

I know this phenomena of creatively sharing isn't just something that I experience. I've observed many friends and family members derive similar satisfaction when they share the fruits of their creative labor with others. Think about it: The art hanging on your fridge door from your preschooler; the flowery wreath hanging on your front door from your sister-in-law; the wood shop lamp stand project from your teenager; or the three-page sentimental letter from your best friend. Can you think of more?

If you are a person who also enjoys creatively sharing, I think you are in a wonderful place. People like you make life a richer and more enjoyable for others. And if you are a person who would like to try creatively sharing of yourself more often, I am encouraging you to do so. Personalized gifts are so precious.

You know, I can count a good number of homemade gifts in my house right now that others have given me. Some are beautiful to the eyes because of their striking colors and fine craftsmanship. Others are beautiful by their originality and unique properties. But most of all, the thoughtful effort and creativity that went into the gift represents something of far more value to me.

And when you are the gift giver, you truly understand the truth in the saying, "There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving." •

© Chris Dunmire 2003. All rights reserved.

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