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Earthscape by Chris Dunmire
Chris Dunmire : Developmental Stages of Your Creative Dreams

Appreciate the Developmental Stages of Your Creative Dreams

By Chris Dunmire

Too often, we look at accomplished artists and writers only to see the end result of years of hard work: Monet's paintings, J. K. Rowling's books, Steven Spielberg's movies. Sometimes we get discouraged because these successful people seem(ed) to be so put together, so professional, and so perfect in their talents and accomplishments.

But we don't see the whole picture.

To begin with, we didn't get a glimpse into the journey that brought them to that ultimate place of acclaim. For many it included years of growing and making mistakes. Years of learning and developing their skills. And years of living ordinary lives just like you and me, perhaps envying other accomplished people.

We can bypass the feelings of discouragement by appreciating that our creative dreams will take time to arrive, and that there is an exciting journey along the way. Yes, the developmental stages can be a satisfying process of personal growth and discovery for us.

Tee Time by Chris DunmireHere's an example of how this can happen: I know that many of you involve yourselves in creative activities for personal, soulful reasons, with aspirations of turning your passions into something bigger for yourself. I, for one, have recently developed an interest in painting and collage, and would love to combine them with my other creative skills to illustrate my own greeting cards.

If you ask me if I'm good at art, I'll answer that it depends on who you ask. But that's not the most important thing to me during my developmental stages. What matters to me is that I'm indulging my artistic side and allowing a free flow of creativity to guide me as I learn how to become a better artist. I know that I need this time to experiment and explore with these new mediums, hoping that one day my efforts will pay off and my skills will shine.

And guess what? With this attitude, I find my evolving snoopyesque art skills a source of encouragement and refreshment rather than discouragement and frustration.

That's what I mean about appreciating the developmental stages. Enjoying what is wherever you are — with the confidence that "what is" will evolve through time. Your skills will improve, and your talents will grow.

I'll admit that I don't expect to become another Monet in my lifetime. But that won't stop me from trying and enjoying my creative journey — including the developmental stages of my art skills — to wherever it takes me.

What about you? •

© Chris Dunmire 2004. All rights reserved.

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