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Halloween Story Writing Contest
Halloween Story Writing Contest : Winners & Publisher's Picks

2008 Halloween Story Contest Showcase

Creepative Writing at its Beast! Winners & Publisher's Picks

Halloween StoriesCongratulations to our first- and second place story winners, Jasmine Berry and Renate Smith!

We're thrilled at the number of submissions we received for our first-ever Halloween Story Writing Contest. This opportunity inspired over 30 men, women, and teens to write about their favorite Halloween memories or craft creative stories at all levels of scariness and suspense.

Thank you to all participants, and especially to the clever creative writing teacher in Texas who used this contest to inspire students at Plano East Senior High to write an impressive amount of original funny, spooky, and gory Halloween stories.

Our list of winners and Top 10 Publisher's Picks follow. See the rest of the stories we've chosen for publication continued on our Author's Showcase page.

First Place Story Winner:

Georgia Peach
By Jasmine Berry
A different kind of Halloween tradition.

Second Place Story Winner:

By Renate Smith
Disguises are rampant among artists.

Third Place Top 10 Publisher's Picks:

The Old Foamy Adventure
By C. Turnage, PhD
Every city has its own urban legends.

Chuck's Night Out
By Kim Pletscher
Got a belt for those pants?

By Chelsea Robinson
The smell of paint and blood filled my nose.

Matilda's Halloween Dreams
By Andrea Samuels
A ghost or goblin in the basement?

Too Big for Halloween
By James DeBord
Guilt by physical association.

Hotel on the Mountain
By Cat Rigon
The thumping stopped, and then...

Pride's a Sin... Didn't You Get The Memo?
By Michelle McLellan
"Ve vont to drrrink your blooood!"

Wrong Door
By Allie Hoggatt
A humorous recollection.

All-American Halloween Scare
By Rachel Chesnut
So maybe I could have skipped the pinata.

Halloween Hoopla
By Stefanie Wass
It's easy to get carried away at Halloween time.

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