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Multicultural Muses : My Inner Muse, Part 1

Multicultural Muses

An Exclusive Interview with My Inner Muse

By Molly J. Anderson-Childers

Hello again, readers! Today, we journey into a strange, savage land, populated by artists everywhere — the creative soul's innermost chamber, secret sanctuary of the Inner Muse. Being an artist or writer is tough work, but you can make it easier if you learn to connect with your own Inner Muse; when you can inspire yourself, you'll be unstoppable!

In an effort to re-connect with my own Inner Muse, I've decided to interview her today, and see what can discover about this radiant, mysterious being who captivates me so.

Q: What is your name?

A: Serendipity; Penelope; Isis; Red Jane the Daring; Lily Blue, the American Gypsy Queen; Kali Ma, Creator and Destroyer of All. I am she of a thousand names, yet no name truly suits me, for a mere word cannot describe all that I am.

Q: What was your first job?

A: I worked in a shoe store, selling sandals in the summer and snow-boots in the winter… well, everyone starts somewhere!!! Finally, I got sick of looking at people's feet, and so I quit and came to work here.

Q: And how did you find this fabulous job?

A: I applied to be your Inner Muse when your parents met. When you were born, I was hired immediately. The first few years were a little boring, but you soon learned to sing and dance, read books, and scribble on the walls with crayons. My job became a lot more interesting after that.

Q: Was it easier to work with me as a child, or do you prefer working with my adult self?

A: It was definitely easier to inspire you when you were younger. You had more free time for creative pursuits, and you were much easier to impress. Any old idea would do… the work is more challenging now, there is more pressure to give you only excellent ideas — and on a deadline, at that. I like deadlines because they give you a little extra push.

Like yourself, I distrust easy tasks. I love a challenge. Right now, even though I'm working harder than ever, I'm also having a lot more fun with you than I did when you were younger.

Q: What is the most frustrating aspect of your job?

A: I'd have to say, it's your habit of procrastination.

It drives me crazy. Why do you wait until the last minute to do everything, why? Sometimes you waste the creative time available in your already tight schedule, then complain there isn't enough time in the day to do it all.

There is plenty of time to do everything you have always dreamed of doing… but you must use that time wisely, not waste it. Your attitude towards time seems to be one of lack, rather than abundance… know this — you have enough time, all the time there is. And when you're doing what you love, and focusing all your attention on it, time is meaningless. It stretches out like an immense taffy, sticky and warm…Time is a precious gift, not a cruel dominatrix.

If, however, you spend a great portion of your day doing something that does not feed your creative soul, you'll feel flustered when you DO get into the studio at last, because you have so much to do, and you're already exhausted from a day at the office. You have wasted time, and your soul knows it on a deep level. This can cause panic, fear, stress, insomnia, the whim-whams, the heebie-jeebies, and the flip-flops. Make a new clock and live on your terms, refuse to be enslaved by time! Good servant. Terrible master.

Q: What is the most rewarding, fabulous, fun aspect of your job?

A: I love to see the finished work that comes from the spark I ignited in your heart. It seems like the act of a conjurer when you create something beautiful and new — often, the finished product surprises and delights me, and is completely unexpected.

It's also very gratifying to see your work getting some public recognition at last. It's been amazing to see you blossom over the past few years; you have brought so many beautiful things to the public eye.

(Author's Note: Busted!!! My Inner Muse is absolutely correct. Even as I type these words, I 'm smiling — she knows me too well! I am, indeed, typing these words at the last minute, trying wildly to finish before deadline. And she has certainly altered my perceptions about time…)

Project Idea… Try this!

Make your own clock. Paint or draw a new kind of timepiece. Instead of hours, minutes and seconds, find a new way to keep time. Maybe it could show different things you love to do, or the way you'd spend your ideal day. SARK books, as well as the best selling Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling, include some very interesting timepieces and devices used to control time. Play with time, and let me know what happens!

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Molly Anderson-Childers is a a highly creative writer and artist from Durango, Colorado. More »