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Creativity Coaching : Jurgen Wolff

Time to Write with Writing Coach Jurgen Wolff

Jurgen WolffJurgen Wolff is a writer who teaches creativity and right-brain writing workshops around the world. He has written half a dozen books, most recently "Your Writing Coach" (Nicholas Brealey Publishing) and "Do Something Different" (Virgin Books). His screen credits include the feature film, "The Real Howard Spitz," starring Kelsey Grammer and more than 100 produced episodes of various series, including "Relic Hunter," "Benson," and "Family Ties," as well as his animated series, "Norman Normal." He shares his insights on writing on his websites, (where you'll also find a link to his podcast) and, as well as his blog, He divides his time between London and Los Angeles.

Jurgen Wolff Features

Creative Careers: An Interview with Author Jurgen Wolff
By Molly Anderson-Childers
Jurgen is a writer who teaches creativity and right-brain writing workshops around the world, and has written half a dozen books, including "Your Writing Coach."

Book Review of Jurgen Wolff's "Your Writing Coach"
By Chris Dunmire
Your Writing Coach: From Concept to Character, from Pitch to Publication. Everything You Need to Know about Writing Novels, Non-Fiction, New Media, Scripts, and Short Stories by Jurgen Wolff (Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2007).

Your Writing Coach Articles by Jurgen Wolff

The Power of Off-the-Wall Combinations
By Jurgen Wolff
This technique of combining unlikely elements in order to create something new occurs again and again in the arts, the sciences, and in business.

How to be a Successful Part-Time Writer
By Jurgen Wolff
Juggling a full-time job, family and personal obligations, and limited leisure time with writing is a major challenge. Here are six suggestions for how you can successfully do it all.

An Endless Flow of Ideas: The Four Brainstorming Guidelines
By Jurgen Wolff
Inspiration is wonderful, when it happens. The problem is that it is notoriously unreliable. These are strategies and techniques that help you come up with ideas whenever you need them.