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Creativity Coaching : Lisa Collazo

Writing What You Know: Writing Coach Lisa Collazo

Writing Coach Lisa CollazoLisa Collazo, LCSW, believes it is through self-discovery that one taps the resources to write freely and express their true voice. She assists writers with the internal barriers that keep them from writing successfully and helps create and implement strategies to move them forward with their writing goals. Her clients include screenwriters, non-fiction writers, fiction writers and dissertation students. Her services include telephone coaching, an individualized e-course and teleclasses.

Writing Articles by Lisa Collazo

The Power of Words
By Lisa Collazo
Words can stimulate intense emotion, thought and creative ideas for the writer to form into their very own work in progress.

The Writer's Ailment: "Stuckitis"
By Lisa Collazo
I try to look at being stuck as an opportunity, one that gets me thinking outside of the box.

Writing Out the Gremlin
By Lisa Collazo
How to overcome messages from your inner critic through the technique of identifying, acknowledging, and replacing.

The Emotional Writer
By Lisa Collazo
Think of one experience where an art form such as a written piece, a film, or a play took you on an emotional rollercoaster. How can you use your emotion as a writing tool?