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Inner Wizards - Empower the Wizard Within
Valery Satterwhite : Limiting Belief Busters: Top 5 Wake-Up Calls

Limiting Belief Busters:
Top 5 Wake-Up Calls

By Valery Satterwhite

Any thought you have that limits your ability to be, do and have what you want in life is a limiting belief. You have many beliefs in your 'rule book for life'. Some support you and move you forward in life, others limit you and hold you back from accomplishing your goals.

How did you get limiting beliefs? You created them! Mommy, Daddy, the teacher or the bully on the playground did not give them to you. No one can give you a belief. You have to create or adopt it all on your own.

You created and took on beliefs when you were very young. These beliefs helped you understand and cope with your environment. A Mother's well-intended advice of "Don't talk to strangers" became "People I don't know will harm me" in your book of life rules. A teacher may have corrected you in front of the class and you took that to mean "I'm not smart enough." A bully said "Don't be a cry baby" and you interpreted that to mean "mature people shouldn't show emotion."

That's the thing about beliefs. They are based on a young child's interpretation, usually misinterpretation of any event. And as a child, you were doing the best you could. And to continue to do the best you could do, you obeyed the rules! The voice within that reminded you of the rules to follow in order to stay safe is of your Inner Critic. He will warn you if you're in danger. Public speaking is feared because of the rule "People I don't know will harm me." You won't allow yourself to consider big opportunities because "I'm not smart enough." You won't be able to fully express how you feel with a significant other because "Adults shouldn't show emotion."

This well-meaning yet misguided Inner Critic follows you everywhere chatting away in your subconscious at every twist and turn in your life's journey. You profoundly rely on its advice to avoid pain, what can cause you harm, emotionally and physically. You think that this misguided voice is you. It is not you! It is just trying to protect you.

You've heard or felt your own voice in occasion. It was that gut instinct, that clear calm voice that spoke a wisdom that your Inner Critic Found Excuses And Reasons (F.E.A.R.) to ignore. This innermost intuitive voice knows your truth, knows your passion and, if listened to, will always guide you as you turn your dreams into reality. This clear confident wisdom within is who you are.

Most Common Unconscious Thoughts:

• "I'm not (good, worthy, smart, rich, young, etc.) enough."

A page from your past keeps haunting you. This is the story you tell about yourself over and over again that defines who you think you are. It is keeping you from being at peace with yourself.

If this story limits you in any way then know this is an Inner Critic tale to keep you safe right where you are. "Oh, no! Moving on to bigger and better opportunities is just too scary! Pull back!" he warns. This page from your past isn't real anyway. It's just a story about what you think you saw, felt or heard during an event in your life. It is the misinterpreted experience, not the truth.

• "You (or you) should be, do or have (fill in the blank)."

You believe that someone should do this or that so you can be at peace. And you resent that they haven't done it yet. Maybe if you resent them enough, the resentment will make them do it.

People often live their lives inside of other people's expectations and what they expect of others. A lot of time is spent should-ing on other people. And a lot of time is spent should-ing on your self. This restrictive behavior is akin to beating up on yourself and others. And it feels awful. Any moment you spend beating up on anyone or anything is a moment wasted. Spend your time focusing on what you want rather than what you resent. You are not empowered to mindfully create what you want in life if you are spending your life in resentment and punishment.

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