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Paint Strokes
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Article Categories

Creativity Coaching Author Series
Professional art, writing, and creativity coaches share their knowledge and expertise in helping support creatives of all kinds to develop, nuture, and practice their various crafts.

Be Creative! Inspirational Articles
Motivational articles and interviews to encourage you along on your creative path. Be Creative! is devoted to helping you to discover and nurture the creative gift within you, and to make it grow into something fruitful, fulfilling, and fun!

Breaking through Creative Blocks
Whether it's artist block, writer's block, or some other creativity block, these articles have tips to help you 'break on through to the other side.' Sometimes the artistic self wants to express itself creatively, but doesn't know where to begin. These articles will lead sensitive, artistic spirits down an inspirational path that encourages creativity and self-care.

The Business End of Creativity
You're an expert artist, crafter, or writer who wants to start making money with your skills. What are some things you need to know about setting up a business and marketing yourself to the world?

Collage Workshops, Tutorials, Techniques
TEAR, CUT, SHRED, PASTE. Collage art is full of potential and limitless possibilities in materials, themes, compositions, and expression.

Graphic & Web Design and Printing
Words and pictures. Paper and ink. Pixels on a screen. Print design. Web site design. These are mediums graphic artists and Web designers use to communicate information to us every day in our physical and virtual worlds.

Home Decorating and Interior Design
Home decorating, interior design, painting, and remodeling trends. Within this collection of home decorating articles you'll learn about the fundamentals of interior design and decorating, painting, and plaster stenciling.

Writing, Journaling, and Publishing
If you're looking for solid advice on writing and publishing for personal or business reasons, these articles may appeal to you. From copywriting, writing for children, and book publishing, and everything in between, these articles offer good advice from professional writers and book authors who've been there.